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  China's new high-speed teach from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

  The identikit apartment blocks and mousy-brown fields had been as unremarkable as being the pale scrubland. It should have built for an unremarkable entry into China’s Guangdong province. Apart from it was not. The joys of becoming aboard Hong Kong’s first bullet train, the vibrant Convey, was all about velocity, not landscapes.

  Aerodynamic, gleaming white and polished to perfection, the pointy-nosed train had departed Hong Kong’s brand new West Kowloon station, one of several world’s largest (partly) subterranean stations, punctually. Just forty eight minutes later on, we glided, quietly and smoothly into Guangzhou, the provincial cash of Guangdong, and China’s third-largest city, property to 14 million folks.

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  Information boards during the station claimed the Vivid Categorical is the most current of 5,000 high-speed trains that operate day by day throughout China, element of your country’s record-breaking multi-billion-dollar expansion of high-speed rail.

  Awestruck, and producing unfavourable comparisons with all the UK’s doddering rail network, I had lingered in Hong Kong’s latest station right before location off. 1st, I queued to dine at a department of Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong’s most cost-effective Michelin-star restaurant. I marked the paper get slip as I waited, then my range was named and i was seated. 10 minutes later, a bamboo basket of aromatic steamed shrimp dumplings, a pot of tea and a plate of tonic medlar and petal cake had been delivered - all for £7.70. The dumplings have been predictably good, though the “cake” was chic - a flower-flavoured jelly produced with medlars and goji berries that shipped myriad of tastes and textures

  The two girls I shared my desk with explained to me, in between bites of chicken toes, which they ended up heading dwelling to Beijing by high-speed teach.

  “Why not fly?” I requested.

  “Chinese aeroplanes are sometimes delayed as well as the airports are significantly from your home,” they mentioned in unison.


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