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就是二愛巴爾幹半島旅遊明信片Postcard from Balkan-2
It's about Kosova, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Macedonia.
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就是愛英愛旅遊明信片Postcard from UK and Ireland
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就是愛以約聖地旅遊明信片Postcard from Holy Land
This blog is about Holy land, including Israel, Jordan and Palestine..
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就是愛土耳其旅遊明信片Postcard from Turkey
My major in university is Turkish language..I had been to Turkey 13 times per year.. Even I got one accident in Turkey. Tourist bus just was turned over.. I am lucky, nothing happened on me. Pls enjoy how much I love Turkey, these people..
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就是愛南部非洲旅遊明信片Postcard from Southern Africa
This is including Southern Africa and Indian Ocean near Africa..I had visited there for 28 days. There are Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Swaizland, Madagascar,Reunion,Comoros,Seychlles and Mauritius.
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就是愛東歐旅遊明信片Postcard from East Europe
This is photo album from East Europe. It is including Austrial, Cesk, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland etc.
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就是愛波羅的海旅遊明信片Postcard from Baltic Nations
This is all about nations surounding Baltic sea..
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就是愛俄羅斯旅遊明信片Postcard from Russia
This is all about ex Russian Federation..
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就是愛南亞旅遊明信片Postcard from South Asia
This is album related Indian culture..including Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh,Maldives and India..etc..
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就是一愛巴爾幹半島旅遊明信片Postcard from Balkan-1
It's ex-Yugoslavia, including Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro. Serbia, Bosnia and Hezegovina.
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就是愛伊比利旅遊明信片Postcard from Iberia
This is photo postcard taking from my tours to Iberia Penisula..Hope u like it and leave ur comment.
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就是愛東南非旅遊明信片Postcard from Southeast Africa
This is a loving place which I visit every year.. I love nature and animals which God create this world for us.. Please enjoy 5 coutries, there are Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.
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就是愛埃及旅遊明信片Postcard from Egypt
This is photo from Egypt..Hope peace to there!
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就是愛中國大陸旅遊明信片Postcard from POC
All the photo is from Mainland China, including Tibet.
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Traveling Notes from Lannie
Thank for the technology. It is easy for me to share my picture to everyone. Welcome to know the world thru my eyes.