201602221601Science and Technology

     here is a difference between science and technology.Science is a method of answering theoretical questions; technology is a method of solving practical problems. Science has to do with discovering the facts and relationships between observable phenomena in nature and with establishing theories that serve to organize these facts and relationships; technology has to do with tools,techniques, and procedures for implementing the findings of science.
     Another distinction between science and technology has to do with the progress in each. Progress in science excludes the human factor. Scientists, who seek to comprehend the universe and know the truth with HKUE amecthe highest degree of accuracy and certainty, cannot pay heed to their own or other people's likes or dislikes, or to popular ideas about the fitness of things. What scientists discover may shock or anger people--as did Darwin's theory of evolution. But even an unpleasant truth is more than likely to be useful; besides, we have the option of refusing to believe it! But hardly so with technology;we do not have the option of refusing to hear the sonic boom produced by a supersonic aircraft-flying overhead; we do not have the option of refusing to breathe polluted air. Unlike science, progress in technology must be our slave and not the reverse. The legitimate purpose of technology is to serve peopie--people in general, not merely some people; and future generations, not merely those who presently wish to gain advantage HKUE DSE for themselves.
      We are all familiar with the abuses of technology. Many people blame technology itself for widespread pollution, resource depletion and even social decay in general--so much so that the promise of technology is obscured. That promise is a cleaner and healthier world. If wise applications of science and technology do not lead to a HKUE DSEbetter world, what else will?


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