201012031936Keep on waiting

3rd Dec 2010,

After another study week... ...

Hah,finally it's my turn to have my 4th paper today...PLUS, the exam is at 3pm.

WHAT A NICE TIME?!@@###%^^&

p/s: that's the BEST time to nap tho...>.< *Emo... 

Keep on waiting,


Biological Monitoring is done.

3 more to go~

Next Wednesday to Friday...>.<

4 days of short break~*Again...


After long time of waiting, i felt nervous out of sudden, before i enter the examination hall today.

Weird me..This is not the usual Winney... no no no, not a good sign~

Hope it won't happen again next week...

Most of the important papers are on next week~
Very beary the boring for me to keep on waiting here...

And you know what,

I'm waiting for you too,

Waiting for My hubby to get back home.

He was outstation today to Lipis...>.<


Do you know that i'm waiting for you?

Heart you.

I will gah yao de~(:


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