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When she confronted with the writing there當她在那裏面臨著本身所寫的


And as I go through my life華碩翻譯公司過完這平生時

I will wish for her, his wife我會祝願她 他的老婆


作曲: David Gates

And though she tried to hide the love that she denied儘管她試圖粉飾她所否定的愛

All the sweet things she can find她所發現到的所有美妙事物

Simply pretended not to care只是裝出不在意的模樣

影片供給者(僅卡拉OK伴唱)4l13er70 54rd1d0

Wouldn't you know it, she wouldn't show it假如她不流露 你不會知道吧


作詞: David Gates

I found her diary underneath a tree在一棵樹下發現了她的日志

I passed it off as just in keeping with her total disconcerting air我穩下她完全倉促失措的氛圍 而緩和下來


I will give to her, my wife我會交給她 華碩翻譯公司的老婆



Her meaning now was clear to see她的意思如今不言而喻

原唱: Bread


I found her diary underneath a tree在一棵樹下發現了她的日記

Wouldn't you know it翻譯社 she wouldn't show it如果她不透露 你不會知道吧

They said that she had found the love she waited for人們說她已找到她所期盼的愛

Wouldn't you know it, she wouldn't show it如果她不透露 你不會知道吧

And started reading about me於是我最先浏覽有關於本身的事

And started reading about me於是華碩翻譯公司起頭浏覽有關於本身的事

All the sweet things they can find人們所發現到的所有美好事物

All the sweet things that I can find我所發現到的所有誇姣事物


The words began to stick and tears to flow她所寫下的字句刺痛了我 華碩翻譯公司落淚


take me by surprise=讓我十分驚奇show it=流露confronted with=面臨著...pass it off=和緩下來in keeping with=穩定下來disconcert=倉皇失措go through=過完wish for her=祝願她

And as I go through my life當我過完這一生時

You'd never read them in her eyes翻譯公司不曾從她眼底讀到這些


The love she'd waited for was someone else not me她所期盼的愛還有他人 不是我


The words she'd written took me by surprise她所寫下的字句讓我十分驚奇

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