200702010052翻譯寫作 (100):台灣夜市

1. 每個來台灣的遊客都知道,道地的台灣飲食文化與其說在於精緻高雅的餐廳中,倒不如說是在於隨處可見的夜市攤販中:在這裡,他們大可欣賞到熱鬧、美味、以及多元化的特質。
Every tourist coming to Taiwan is aware that authentic Taiwanese cuisine culture consists not so much in sophisticated fancy restaurants as in ubiquitous food stands in night markets. Right here, they may well appreciate such qualities as hustle-bustle, deliciousness, and diversity.
【注意】(i) every tourist coming to Taiwan = every tourist to Taiwan 每個來台灣的遊客
(ii) be aware of N. = be cognizant of N. 知道、認知到...
(iii) authentic = auth- (創造) + -entic (形容詞字尾) ==> (adj.)道地的
(iv) consist in N. = lie in N. 在於...
例:True friendship consists in reciprocity. 真正的友誼在於互惠。
(v) not so much A as B 與其說A不如說B
例:Don is not so much a poet as a teacher.
= Don is more a teacher than a poet. 與其說唐是詩人,不如說他是老師。
(vi) sophisticated = sophis (智慧) + -icate (動詞字尾) + -ed (過去分詞) ==> (adj.)世故的、精緻的
(vii) fancy (vt.)幻想 (n.C)幻想 (adj.)新奇的、奢華的 --> 小心詞性繁多!
(viii) ubiquitous food stands = food stands everywhere 四處可見的食物攤
附註:ubiquitous 是形容詞,而 everywhere 是副詞。
(ix) may well Vr. 很有可能...、大可...
例:You may well believe his words. 你大可相信他講的話。
(x) such A as B 像是B那樣的A
例:Such girls as Helen are hard to get along with. 像是海倫那樣的女孩很難相處。
(xi) hustle-bustle = hustle and bustle (名詞)擁擠熱鬧
注意:hectic (adj.)繁忙的
(xii) diverse = di- (dis-,離開) + vers (轉) ==> (adj.)各式各樣的
(xiii) 先點出夜市迷人之特質,而以下逐一解釋證明,最後提供個人觀感作為結尾。

2. 對許多台灣人來說,逛夜市早已經變成一種傳統的歡慶活動了 -- 只是你不需要等到假日才能去。全家人在那裡體驗著參觀民俗博覽會而同時填飽肚子是非常有趣的。
To many Taiwanese people, browsing through night markets has long become a traditional festive activity, except that you won't need to wait until a festival. It is awfully intriguing for the whole family to experience attending folk exhibitions while filling up their stomachs at the same time.
【注意】(i) browse through N. = wander through N. 閒逛...
例:Don't you think that browsing through personal blogs is a waste of time?
(ii) long 在本句為副詞,副詞常塞在 have 和 p.p. 的中間。
例:We have often heard of such a thing. 我們都常聽到這種事。
(iii) festive activity 歡慶活動、節慶活動 --> festive 是 festival 的形容詞。
(iv) except 後面接名詞,而 except that 後面接子句,意思是一樣的。
例:The car is perfect except (for) its steep price.
= The car is perfect except that its price is steep.
(v) 注意第二個句子,「全家人在那裡體驗著參觀民俗博覽會而同時填飽肚子」是主詞,但太長,因此用虛主詞 it。
(vi) awfully = terribly = horribly = very 非常地
注意:awful (adj.)糟透的(= terrible = horrible)
(vii) intrigue = in- (在...內) + trigue (trick,詭計、複雜) ==> (vt.)激發...的興趣
(viii) folk 當名詞為「人們」(跟 people 一樣是複數的),形容詞為「民俗的」。
類似構字:folk art、folk song、folk dance、folk story、folklore...等。
(ix) fill up N. 將...填滿
例:We can fill the box up with water. 我們可以把水滿注在盒子中。
(x) at the same time = in the meantime = meanwhile 同時

3. 除了購買各種便宜而精巧的玩意之外,你還可在夜市找到極多的美食選擇:本土的蚵仔煎、烤墨魚、臭豆腐、西方的熱狗與漢堡,更別提美味的義大利、中東、或韓國食物等。
Apart from purchasing various cheap and delicate gadgets, you can find a huge range of delicacies: local oyster pancakes, grilled squids, and stinky tofus, as well as Western hotdogs and hamburgers, not to mention tasty Italian, Middle Eastern, Korean foods, and so on.
【注意】(i) apart from N. = aside from N. = other than N. = besides N. 除了...之外
(ii) purchase (vt.、n.)購買
例:I made several purchases in the shop. 我在那間店買了幾樣東西。
(iii) delicate = de- (向下) + lic (引誘) + -ate (形容詞字尾) ==> (adj.)精緻的
(iv) gadget = trinket 小玩意、新奇玩意
(v) a range of N. = a choice of N. = a variety of N. 許多的...
例:A huge choice of price offers are provided. 我們提供極多種特價優惠。
(vi) delicacy (n.C)美食 --> cuisine (n.U)烹飪方式
(vii) 其他台灣傳統食物補充:steamed dumplings 蒸餃、soybean milk 豆漿、fried rice noodles 炒米粉、shaved ice 刀削冰、tofu pudding 豆花、spring rolls 春捲、pot stickers 鍋貼、salty rice pudding 碗糕、Taiwanese (fried / steamed) meat balls 肉圓、baked mullet roe 烤烏魚子...族繁不及備載 (請善用搜尋引擎)。
(viii) 這句話中舉的例子太多,因此用 as well as 把「本土食物」和「西方食物」隔開,而不用 and,最後再用 not to mention 把剩餘種類食物隔開,這樣才不會一堆例子擠在一起難以閱讀。
(ix) not to mention + N. 更別提...
比較:let alone + Vr. / N. 更別提...
例:She cannot speak Italian, not to mention Latin.
= She cannot speak Italian, let alone speak Latin. 她義大利文都不會說,更別提拉丁文了。
(x) and so on 的前面一定要打逗點!

4. 此外,當你想休息一下逛累的腿時,在你眼前還有各式各樣的遊戲可挑選,包括了網魚、擲環、彈珠遊戲等。這正是一個結合娛樂、食物與文化的低價位狂歡會,而且每夜都在台灣各地舉辦著。
What's more, when you feel like resting your weary legs, before your eyes are all kinds of games to choose from, including net fishing, ring toss, and marble games. This is none other than a low-priced carnival combining entertainment, food and cultures, taking place in all places of Taiwan each night.
【注意】(i) feel like V-ing = would like to Vr. 想要...
(ii) tired 通常用來修飾「人」,而 weary 通常用來修飾「身體部位」。
例:I dragged my weary feet home. 我拖著疲憊的步伐回家。
(iii) before your eyes 是介係詞片語,放在句首後面接倒裝句,注意動詞要是不及物動詞。
例:Before our eyes stood a magnificent structure. 在我們眼前矗立一棟雄偉的建築物。
(iv) all kinds of N. = various kinds of N. = many diverse N. 各式各樣的...
例:There are many diverse choices. 有各種的選擇。
(v) choose + 欲購買物
比較:choose from + 選擇的範圍
例:You have dozens of cellphones to choose from here.
(vi) none other than N. 正是...
例:The mysterious person turned out to be none other than my brother.
(vii) taking place in all places of Taiwan each night 是分詞構句,修飾前面的 carnival,可分析為 which takes place in all places of Taiwan 的省略句。
(viii) take place 不只是「發生」,在本句中表示「舉辦」,沒有進行式也沒有被動。
例:Their wedding is to take place this Saturday. 他們的婚禮這週六將舉辦。

5. 然而,夜市是個很容易遭遇扒手的地方,而且在這裡買到的商品也很有可能是盜版貨因而觸犯法律規定,這些都是要列入考量的。
Nonetheless, it has to be taken into account that night markets are pickpocket-prone areas, and the goods bought here are very likely to be pirated so as to cause violations of legal regulations.
【注意】(i) 注意這句話中,「列入考量」要先翻譯,然後再導入過長的主詞。
(ii) take N. into account = take N. into consideration 將...列入考量
(iii) XXX-prone 容易導致XXX的
注意:be prone to Vr. = be liable to Vr. = be apt to Vr. 容易會...
例:John is prone to get irritated. 約翰很容易發怒。
其他構字:accident-prone 容易發生事故的、tornado-prone 容易有龍捲風的。
(iv) the goods bought here = the goods which are bought here 這裡買的商品
(v) be likely to Vr. 可能會... --> 常用於主詞不是虛主詞的情況!
例:He is likely to come. = It is possible for him to come.
(vi) pirated CDs 盜版唱片 --> authorized CDs 正版唱片
(vii) so as to Vr. 以致於... --> 此片語亦可分開寫。
例:She was so arrogant as to incite much anger.
(viii) violate / break / flout / disobey legal regulations 違反法律規定

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