200608060504翻譯寫作 (98):男女平等

1. 由於越來越高漲的女權運動要求兩性之間的平等,在以前遵循大男人主義的想法現在已經落伍了。每個人都得認知到:沒有哪一個性別應該有優越感和特權。
By dint of surging feminist movements demanding equality between both sexes, the ideas of adhering to the alpha male principles in former times is antiquated at present. Each of us should be cognizant that neither sex has a sense of superiority or privilege.
【注意】(i) by dint of N. = on account of N. = owing to N. = because of N. 由於...
(ii) surging (adj.)高漲的 --> surge (vi.)上升、冒起
注意:如果是「情緒」,要搭配 mounting,如 mounting joy (越來越歡喜)。
(iii) movement 指「社會運動」,而 campaign 指「商業、政治活動」、activity 指「學術、體育活動」。
(iv) demanding 是 which demand 的分詞簡化,小心 demand 就是 ask for,但不可寫為 demand for。
例:I demand your apology. 我要求你道歉。
(v) adhere to N. = stick to N. = hang on to N. = hold on to N. 堅持...(不懈)
adhere = ad- (to) + here (黏) ==> (vi.)堅持、遵循
例:Why can't you adhere to the regulations? 你為何不能遵守規定呢?
(vi) alpha male 大男人 --> alpha female 大女人
注意:alpha 來自於希臘文的第一個字母α,因此表示「以自己為中心的」。
(vii) in former times = in earlier times = in older times 古時候、以前
(viii) antiquated = outdated = out-of-date 落伍的 --> antiq- (古老)
(ix) be cognizant of N. = be aware of N. = be conscious of N. 認知到、瞭解到
例:Are you cognizant of the danger? 你知道危機嗎?
(x) a sense of superiority 優越感 --> a sense of inferiority 自卑感
(xi) 先從反面的論證切進主題,然後提出雙方論點,最後給予個人評論收尾。

2. 很多熱衷的女性主義者,在回顧過往的受壓迫歷史時,提出女性應該獲得與男性一模一樣的待遇和觀感的有說服力的訴求 -- 有些人甚至採取更激進的手段要改變既有的語言和制度。
Many ardent feminists, looking back on the past history of oppression, make eloquent appeals that females ought to receive the same treatment and impression just as males do -- some of them even adopt more radical measures to alter the established languages and systems.
【注意】(i) ardent = zealous = eager = enthusiastic 熱衷的、熱誠的
(ii) looking back on the past history of oppression 整個是分詞構句,表示與後面的 make appeals 同時發生的動作。
例:Looking me in the eye, he gave me a flat refusal. 他看著我的眼睛,悍然拒絕了我。
(iii) look back on N. = recall N. 回想起...
(iv) oppress 指「長期的壓迫」,而 suppress 指「武力的鎮壓」,repress 則是「壓抑情緒」。
(v) eloquent = persuasive = convincing 有說服力的
eloquent = e- (向外) + loqu (說話) + -ent (形容詞字尾) ==> (adj.)雄辯的、說服人的
(vi) that females ought to receive the same treatment and impression just as males do 整個名詞子句,作為 appeals (訴求) 的同位語子句,敘述其內容。
例:The news that the president was assassinated shocked us. 總統被暗殺的消息令我們吃驚。
(vii) radical = radi (根、草根) + -cal (形容詞字尾) ==> (adj.)草根性的、激進的
(viii) adopt measures = take action 採取行動
(ix) established (adj.)已建立的、既定的 --> establish (vt.)建立

3. 然而,她們的理想中卻有著一個盲點:男人和女人在生理構造和情緒反應上是非常不同的,因此兩性之間其實不可能會有任何真正的平等形式。
Nonetheless, there is a blind side in their ideals: men are fairly dissimilar from women in physiological structures and emotional reactions, and thus there won't actually be any form of true equality between the two sexes.
【注意】(i) a blind side = a blind spot 盲點
(ii) fairly = very = rather = terribly = awfully 非常地
例:I'm awfully sorry for my wrong deeds. 我對我的錯誤行為很抱歉。
(iii) dissimilar = different = disparate 不同的
注意:A is different from B in + 方面 (A和B在...方面不同)
例:Don is dissimilar from me in character. 唐和我的性格不一樣。
(iv) physiological 比 physical 更強調「生理上的」,當然前者比較文言文。
(v) form = shape = type = kind 種類、形式

4. 持平而論,與其追求和男性在各領域中一樣的表現,女性倒不如學著如何去將自己的獨特潛能做最大發揮。比如說,除了自我能力之外,女性還有非常多溫柔的特質可以支配男性。
To do justice to this issue, females should learn how to maximize their own specific potential more than pursue the same performance in all areas as males do. For instance, other than personal capabilities, women have a great many tender traits that can dominate males.
【注意】(i) do justice to N. 對...公平論述
例:This short summary cannot do justice to the value of the book.
(ii) maximize N. = optimize N. = make the best of N. 使...有最佳表現
(iii) specific 是「特定的」,而 special 是「特殊的」,要區分。
(iv) 這句話不好翻,「與其A,不如B」可以寫為「not so A as B」或「more A than B」,以此句來說,用後者比較好翻。
(v) pursue = seek = run after 追求
(vi) 注意 male 和 female 都可以當作形容詞和名詞喔。
(vii) other than 可以是 besides 或 except,到底是哪一個要視上下文而定,本句中的 other than 就是 besides。
(viii) a great many N. = large numbers of N. = plenty of N. 許多的...
(ix) trait = feature = characteristic 特點、特徵

5. 總而言之,藉由教育讓兩性多瞭解彼此間的差異,進而體諒彼此的缺點,這才是讓社會更和諧的唯一方法。畢竟,雙方各盡其任務不就是最自然的平等了嗎?
In summary, to let both sexes more understand the differences between each other through education and further be considerate of each other's shortcomings is the only method of harmonizing society. After all, isn't it the most natural equality for both sides to fulfill their own duties?
【注意】(i) in summary = in conclusion = in a word = in a nutshell = in brief = all in all 總之
(ii) 此句的主詞為 to let both sexes more understand the differences between each other and further be considerate of each other's shortcomings 整個不定詞片語,雖然有 and 連接,但可以將之視為「整體的一件工作」,因此動詞一樣可以用 is。
注意:本句中 differences 後面的介係詞是 between,而不是 of。
(iii) each other 永遠只能放置於受詞的位置,也就是及物動詞和介係詞的後面。
(iv) further 在此為副詞,表示「進而」。
(v) be considerate of N. = be thoughtful of N. 體諒...、體貼...
例:Please be thoughtful of others' feelings. 請多體諒別人的感受。
(vi) the method of V-ing = the way of V-ing = the way to Vr. ...的方法
(vii) to harmonize society = to make society harmonious 使社會和諧
(viii) 本句的後半部中,it 為虛主詞,代替 for both sides to fulfill their own duties 過長的主詞。
(ix) 本句為「修辭問句」,就是「預設答案」的問句,有時候問句比直述句語氣更強喔,但偶而為之即可,用多了反而讓文章到處充滿疑惑。

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