200605040156翻譯寫作 (95):外星人

1. 幾世紀以來,人類對於除了地球之外的別的星球上有沒有生物存在的問題一直非常有興趣,而且許多的太空船也被派遣出去探測這個假設的可能性。
Throughout these centuries, humanity has been very interested in the problem whether there is life existing on other planets than the Earth. Moreover, many spacecraft have been dispatched to detect the likelihood of this hypothesis.
【注意】(i) throughout + 一段時間 = during + 一段期間 (在...之間)
例:Throughout the years, I've been pondering on the problem. 這些年來我一直在思考這問題。
(ii) humanity = humankind = human beings = the human race 人類
(iii) 整個 whether 子句放在 the problem 之後作為同位語,解釋 problem 的內容。
例:This is a fact that almost all women are jealous. 幾乎每個女人都嫉妒,這是一個事實。
(整個 that 子句解釋 fact 的內容)
(iv) existing 必須加 -ing 是因為前面已經有了 there is,避免雙動詞。
(v) other 通常配上 than,表示「除了...之外」。
例:He has no tie other than this. = He has no other tie than this.
例:He was quite other than he seemed. 他根本不是外表看起來那樣。
(vi) spacecraft 就是 spaceship,但唯一的差別是前者單複數同形。
同理:many aircraft = many airplanes。
(vii) dispatch = dis- (離開) + patch (pass,經過、步伐) ==> (vt.)派遣
(viii) detect = de- (向下) + tect (碰觸) ==> (vt.)探測
(ix) likelihood = possibility = probability 可能性
(x) hypothesis = hypo- (底下) + the (放置) + -sis (名詞字尾) ==> (n.C)假設
(xi) 先由背景切入主題的重要性,然後探討此主題的各種原因和現象,最後給予個人觀感為結束。

2. 有無數的科幻小說和電影栩栩如生地描繪外星人曾造訪地球,而且也有許多軼事或故事暗示他們曾經幫助創造人類的古文明。
Countless sci-fi novels and movies vividly depict aliens having visited the Earth, and besides, many anecdotes and narratives imply that they once contributed to the foundation of humans' ancient civilizations.
【注意】(i) countless = numerous = numberless = untold 無數的
(ii) sci-fi = science-fiction 科幻的
(iii) depict = de- (往下) + pict (圖像) ==> (vt.)描繪
(iv) 由於本句 depict 已經是動詞,因此 having 需為分詞形式,用 having visited 表示是「之前來拜訪」的。
例:I regret having stolen your wallet. 我很後悔(之前)偷你的皮夾。
(v) alien (n.C)外星人 --> extraterrestrial life 為不可數名詞!
(vi) narrative = story 故事 --> narrate (vt.)講述
(vii) foundation = establishment 建立
(viii) civil = civ (城市) + -il (能夠的) ==> (adj.)文明的

3. 然而,對於外星生命到底長什麼樣子卻有很多爭議 -- 從人形物、怪獸、到單細胞的細菌都在討論的推測形狀中。
Nonetheless, there are a great many controversies as to what on earth extraterrestrial life looks like -- the putative forms in question include humanoid objects, monsters, and unicellular bacteria.
【注意】(i) a great many N. = quite a few N. 非常多的...
(ii) controversy = contr- (相反) + vers (轉) + -y (名詞字尾) ==> (n.C)爭議
(iii) as to = concerning = about 關於... --> as to 只用於句中的名詞之後!
例:She gave me some documents as to the corruption. 她給了我關於那弊案的資料。
(iv) on earth = in the world 究竟 --> 只用於疑問詞之後!
例:What in the world do you want? 妳到底要什麼?
(v) extraterrestrial = extra- (在...之外) + terrest (土地、地球) + -ial (形容詞字尾) ==> (adj.)外星的
注意:extraterrestrial life = aliens 外星生命、外星人
(vi) What does it look like? = How does it look? 那看起來是什麼樣子?
(vii) putative = put (計算、思考) + -ative (形容詞字尾) ==> (adj.)推測的、假想的
(viii) in question = under discussion 討論中的
比較:out of the question 不可能的
(ix) humanoid robots 類似人形的機器人
(x) unicellular (adj.)單細胞的

4. 也許這聽起來很荒謬,但是根據調查,全世界七成以上的大學畢業生都深信外星生命的存在是確實的真理,而且他們認為這些生物都比人類還聰明許多。
Absurd though this may sound, according to surveys, over 70 percent of the college graduates on earth are assured that the existence of extraterrestrial life is a corroborated truth, and they suppose that these creatures are far more intelligent than humans are.
【注意】(i) adj. / 分詞 + as / though + S. V. 雖然...
例:Short as Dan is, he has many lovers on the side. 丹雖然矮但還是有很多情婦。
(ii) absurd = ridiculous = preposterous 荒謬可笑的
(iii) according to N. = based on N. 根據...
(iv) be assured of N. = be convinced of N. 深信...
例:I'm assured of Don's character. 我深信唐的人格。
(v) corroborate (vt.)證實 --> 比較:collaborate (vi.)合作
(vi) far / much / even / still + 比較級形容詞 (更...)
例:Do you think that you're even smarter than me? 妳認為妳真的比我聰明?

5. 其實,無論人類的星際探險如何發達,到目前為止,太空生物學的概念目前還根本是虛構的神話而已,但很快可能會成真 -- 害怕外星人進攻地球也許才是人類本能的防衛機制吧?
As a matter of fact, no matter how thriving humans' space exploration may seem, the notion of astrobiology has simply been fictional mythology so far, but it may come true before long -- isn't the fear of their making inroads on the Earth the instinctive defense mechanism of the human race?
【注意】(i) thriving = flourishing = propserous 發達的、興盛的
(ii) space exploration = space adventure = space odyssey 太空探險
(iii) thriving 是形容詞,作為 seem 的 補語用。
(iv) notion = concept = conception = perception 認知、概念
(v) astrobiology = astro- (星星) + bio (生活、生命) + -ology (學問) ==> (n.U)太空生物學
(vi) fictional = fictitious 虛構的、假的
(vii) so far = as yet = up to now = until now 到目前為止 --> 與現在完成式搭配!
(viii) make inroads on N. = attack N. = invade N. 侵犯...
例:Making inroads on the freedom of the press is intolerable. 侵犯媒體自由是無可忍受的。
(ix) instinct = in- (在...之內) + stinct (刺) ==> (n.C)本能
(ix) defense mechanism 防衛機制 --> 人體內對於外來物自主的抗拒,引伸為對於不熟悉事物的下意識抗拒。

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