200603041916翻譯寫作 (82):健身熱潮

1. 在台灣的熱鬧都會區,一間又一間的大型健身房設立,這讓忙碌的上班族有更多的機會可以在公司或住家的附近做運動。
In Taiwan's bustling urban areas, one large-scale gymnasium after another has been established, which supplies busy nine-fivers with more opportunities to do exercise in the vicinity of their offices or houses.
【注意】(i) urban = urb (都市) + -an (形容詞字尾) ==> (adj.)都會的(= metropolitan)
補充:in the suburbs = on the outskirts 在郊區
(ii) gymnasium (n.C)健身房(= gym)
補充:gymnast (n.C)體操選手、gymnastics (n.U)健身
(iii) one N. after another 一個接一個的...
(iv) establish = found = set up 設立 --> 一直都在設立,因此用現在完成式。
(v) which 代替前面整件事,因此 which 之前打逗點,可換為 and it。
(vi) supply A with B = provide A with B = offer A + B (提供B給A)
例:We must supply the patients with medicine. 我們必須提供病人醫藥。
(vii) nine-fivers 朝九晚五的上班族
(viii) in the vicinity of N. = in the neighborhood / proximity of N. 在...附近
例:She dwells in the vicinity of my company. 她住在我的公司附近。
(ix) 先以背景事實點出重要性,然後解釋原因和深入解釋,最後給予個人觀感結論。

2. 有了這些交通方便的運動場所,經常鍛鍊身體再也不會和繁忙的工作行程相衝突了。
With these highly accessible places to exercise, working out constantly no longer conflicts with tight schedules.
【注意】(i) 「with + N.」放置句首,表示「有了...、由於有...」。
例:With so large a population, the country is impoverished.
(ii) highly accessible N. 交通方便的...
補充:access = ac- (去) + cess (走) ==> (n.U)途徑、管道
注意:「交通便利的地方」不能寫成 places of convenient transportation!
(iii) to exercise 是不定詞,可放置於名詞之後修飾。
例:The restaurant is an ideal place to dine. 這餐廳是很理想的進餐地方。
注意:不定詞片語作為形容詞修飾語時,一律用主動表示,不能說 to be dined!
(iv) work out N. = solve N. = settle N. (及物動詞片語)解決...
work out (不及物動詞片語)健身、鍛鍊身體
例:We finally worked out the thorny problem. 我們終於解決那棘手問題。
(v) no longer = no more 不再
(vi) A conflict with B (A與B相衝突)
conflict = con- (共同一起) + flict (打擊) ==> (vi.、n.C)衝突(= clash)
例:Your opinion conflicts with mine. 妳的意見和我的相衝突。
比較:A contradict B (A與B矛盾)
例:Your opinion contradicts mine. 妳的意見和我的相矛盾。
(vii) have a tight / heavy / busy schedule 工作繁忙

3. 此外,這些奢華的運動俱樂部配備有各種想像得到的設施,甚至加上專屬教練、spa和按摩服務、以及量身訂做的健康計畫 -- 完全符合現代人的需求。
Additionally, these luxurious sports clubs are equipped with all kinds of facilities imaginable, even plus private trainers, spas and massage service, and tailor-made health projects -- all of them cater to modern people's requirements.
【注意】(i) luxury = lux (光、亮) + -ury (集合名詞字尾) ==> (n.C)奢華
(ii) be equipped with N. 配備有...、具有...
例:A good student should be equipped with a sense of responsibility. 一個好學生該具有責任感。
(iii) facilities (用複數)常指公共設施,equipment (單數)常指個人或家庭配備。
補充:treadmills 踏步機、weight (barbell) lifting 舉重、dumb-bells 啞鈴。
(iv) imaginable 常放置於名詞之後,與 all、every、any 同時出現,可換為 possible。
例:I've made every effort imaginable. 我能想得到的努力都做了。
(v) plus = together with = combined with = as well as 以及... --> plus 是介系詞!
例:The bill is 250 dollars, plus tax. 帳單是是250元含稅。
(vi) tailor-made (adj.)量身訂做的 --> tailor (n.C)裁縫
(vii) project 常指較大型的計畫,而 plan 則指較小型非正式的計畫。
(viii) cater to N. = pander to N. 迎合...
例:These commercials cater especially to kids. 這些廣告特別迎合小孩子。

4. 然而,這些多功能的享受是要有高昂的代價的。通常,入會費和伴隨著契約的月費是很可觀的。
Nevertheless, the all-in-one enjoyment carries an exorbitant price. Usually, the initiation fee and monthly fees following contracts are considerable.
【注意】(i) all-in-one (adj.)全包的、什麼功能都有的 --> an all-in-one cellphone 多功能手機。
(ii) enjoyment 是不可數名詞,因此此句的「這些」只能用 the 翻譯。
(iii) an exorbitant / outrageous price = a stiff / steep / high price 高昂的價格
補充:exorbitant = ex- (在...之外) + orbit (軌道) + -ant (形容詞字尾) ==> (adj.)極高昂的、過度的
(iv) initiate = in- (向內) + it (走) + -iate (及物動詞字尾) ==> (vt.)開創、使...開始
(v) monthly fees following contracts = monthly fees accompanied by contracts 伴隨契約的月費
contract = con- (共同一起) + tract (拉) ==> (n.C)契約 (vt.)感染 (vi.)收縮
(vi) considerable 是「(價格、數量)可觀的」,而 considerate 是「體貼的」,要區分!

5. 其實,就我個人的意見,越多現代化的便利,使用者就變得越懶惰:多接近大自然才是最好的健康活動啊!
In reality, as far as I am concerned, the more modernized conveniences there are, the more slothful the users become: getting closer to nature is the best wholesome activity.
【注意】(i) as far as I am concerned = for my part = as for me 就我而言
(ii) The + 比較級 + S. V. ..., the + 比較級 + S. V. ...
例:The higher you climb, the harder you fall. 爬得越高摔得越重。
(iii) modernize = modern (現代) + -ize (使得) ==> (vt.)將...現代化
(iv) slothful = lazy 懶惰的 --> sloth = laziness 懶惰
(v) wholesome = healthful 有益健康的

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