200602240128翻譯寫作 (79):網路交易

1. 一個人不用是專家也可以確信:網路購物將會徹底地改變未來人類的購物方式 -- 最重要的是,你只需要按幾個鍵來獲得生活必需品。
One doesn't need to be an expert to be assured that online shopping will thoroughly alter the way people do the shopping in the future -- above all, you'll just press a few keys to obtain necessities in life.
【注意】(i) be assured / convinced + that子句 (確信...)
例:I'm convinced that online games can enrich my life. 我深信線上遊戲能豐富我的生活。
(ii) online shopping = shopping on the Internet 網路購物
注意:online 也可以當副詞用。
例:Shopping online can be risky. 網路購物可能會有風險。
(iii) thorough 與 through 同字根,小心拼法和發音喔!
(iv) alter = vary = change = transform 改變
注意:alter 的字根是「其他」,就是 other 的前身。
(v) the way 的後面直接接上完整子句,表示「...的方式」。
例:Look at the way she types and you'll be shocked. 看她打字的樣子,你會被嚇到。
(vi) do 的後面必須要接上 the、much、some、a little、no 等這些字,才能接 V-ing。
例:I like to do shopping. (X)
改為:I like to go shopping.
例:I did a lot shopping last night. 我昨晚買好多東西。
(vii) above all = most of all = most important of all 最重要的是
(viii) 最後一句亦可改為:You are just a few keys away from obtaining necessities in life.
類似:You are just a phone call away to one million dollars. 打一通電話就有可能得到一百萬元。
(ix) 先扣大帽子說明網路購物的重要性,然後分析優缺點,最後給予個人觀感做結尾。

2. 隨著各種虛擬商店在網上如雨後春筍般出現,每個人都可以在家中吃著零食逛著各特價商品。然後只要下訂單,東西就會遞送到家中來。
As various virtual shops crop up on the Net, everyone can browse through all merchandise on sale while eating snacks at home. One just places an order, and the goods will be delivered home.
【注意】(i) virtual shops 虛擬商店 --> virutal bookstore 虛擬(網路)書局
(ii) crop up = spring up 大量冒出、大量出現
注意:spring (vi.)跳 --> spring - sprang - sprung。
(iii) browse through N. 逛...
例:My favorite pastime is browsing through art galleries. 我最愛的嗜好是逛藝廊。
(iv) merchandise 是不可數名詞,然而 goods 卻是複數名詞。product 為可數名詞。
注意:-merc =「交易」。
(v) on sale 通常放在名詞之後,表示「特價的」,然而 for sale 表示「待售」,要區分。
例:The house is for sale; that doesn't mean it's on sale. 那房子待售,不代表它在大特價。
(vi) 由於「在家吃零食」與「逛特價商品」同時,因此本句採用了「while + V-ing」的句型。
(vii) place an order for N. 下訂單買...
例:If possible, would you place orders for human clones? 如果有可能,你會下訂買複製人嗎?
(viii) deliver = de- (向下) + liver (自由、脫離) ==> (vt.)遞送、發表(演說)、給...接生
例:Mary was delivered of twins last night. 瑪麗昨晚產下雙胞胎。

3. 此外,如果你喜歡加入競標去獲得物超所值的的流行商品,拍賣網站將會是你最愛的地方。
Apart from that, if you are fond of joining in bids to acquire popular bargains, auction sites will be your favorite hangouts.
【注意】(i) apart from N. = aside from N. = in addition to N. 除了...之外
例:Aside from the charge, you need to pay tax. 除了這費用外,你還得付稅。
(ii) join in + 活動 = take part in + 活動 = participate in + 活動 (加入...)
例:Come join in the fun! 來嘛,一起玩吧!
(iii) bid (vt.)出...價 (vi.)出價 (n.C)出價 --> 三態:bid - bid - bid。
補充:bid 如表「說、吩咐」,三態為 bid - bade - bidden。
例:I bid 10 dollars for the vase. 我出十元買那花瓶。
例:She bade me farewell. 她向我道別。
(iv) acquire = obtain = gain = procure = come by 獲得...
(v) bargain (vi.)殺價 (n.C)物超所值的商品 --> 小心發音!
例:What? 500 dollars for this suit? It's a real bargain!
(vi) auction sites 拍賣網站 --> auction (vt.、n.C)拍賣
注意:-auct = -aug = -auth = 增加、創造
(vii) favorite hangouts 最喜歡待的地方
注意:hang out 閒晃、窩
例:As students, I used to hang out in tea houses. 我當學生時總喜歡窩在泡沫紅茶店裡。

4. 然而,雖然這聽起來實在方便,但因為網路交易牽扯到信用卡的電子資料傳輸,所以這些網站也成為詐騙和勒索等犯罪的溫床。
Yet, truly convenient though it may sound, online transactions involve transmission of electronic data of credit cards, so these websites have become the hotbed of vices like swindles and blackmail.
【注意】(i) adj. / 分詞 / 無冠詞的名詞 + though / as + S. V. (雖然...)
例:Homely as he looks, he is all tenderness. 他雖然相貌普通但極度溫柔。
例:Little girl though she is, she has martial arts. 她雖然只是小女孩,但有武功。
(ii) transaction = trans- (橫越) + act (行為) + -ion (名詞字尾) ==> (n.C)交易
(iii) electronic data 電子資料 --> 只要是網路上傳遞的訊息都可稱為「電子資料」。
注意:data 為 datum 的複數,已經是複數名詞,此字常用於「電腦資料」。
(iv) a hotbed of N. = a breeding ground of N. ...的溫床
例:This deserted house is a breeding ground of crimes. 這廢屋是罪惡的溫床。
(v) 後面這子句很難翻,先寫「溫床」,然後代出「罪惡」,「詐騙」和「勒索」用舉例的 like 表示。
(vi) vice 就是 crime,但前者比較文言文。
(vii) swindle = scam = fraud (名詞)騙局、詐騙
補充:swindler = fraud = conman (名詞)騙子
(viii) blackmail 可為不可數名詞或及物動詞,注意是「勒索」不是「寫黑函」!
補充:mudslinging (名詞)抹黑、詆毀

5. 這些日子來,連貞操或武器都有可能被拿上網拍賣,這使我非常憂心:當犯罪都電腦化的時候,我們該怎麼辦呢?
These days, even virginity or weapons are likely to be put up for sale online, which makes me very worried: when crimes are all computerized, what are we to do then?
【注意】(i) these days 近來 --> 就和 these years 一樣,不用配上介係詞!
(ii) likely 常用在主詞並非虛主詞 it 的情況下。
例:John is likely to quit. = It is possible for John to quit. 約翰很可能會辭職。
(iii) put up N. for sale 將...公開出售
例:Are you sure to put your car up for sale? 你確定要拍賣你的車子?
(iv) which 代替前面整件事,因此前面打逗點,此時的 which 可換為 and it。
(v) computerize (vt.)將...電腦化 --> -ize =「使得」。
例:The office is thoroughly computerized. 辦公室完全地電腦化了。
(vi) be + to Vr. 預定...、應該...
例:The wedding is to take place next Sunday. 婚禮預定下週日舉行。
例:We are to take stronger measures. 我們應該採更強硬措施。
(vii) 寫作文時,可提出「可能的改善方式」做為此文的結論。


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