200601152252翻譯寫作 (63):韓流來襲

1. 不只是許多韓國偶像明星在台灣紅透半邊天,而且韓劇也吸引了大量台灣觀眾,這事實反映了韓國風潮已然席捲台灣。
The fact that not only do many Korean idol stars make it big in Taiwan, but also Korean drama draws large numbers of Taiwanese viewers reflects that a Korean craze has taken Taiwan by storm.
【注意】(i) 非常長的句子:主詞是「事實」,動詞是「反映」,受詞是「韓國風潮已然成形」,而中間那一大堆「不只是許多韓國明星在台灣紅透半邊天,而且韓劇也吸引了大量台灣觀眾」只是名詞子句,補充說明 the fact 的內容而已。
(ii) make it big = make good 成名、致富
(iii) drama 通常為不可數的集合名詞,而「一齣戲劇」用 a play (連續劇則用 a soap opera)。
(iv) draw = attract 吸引... --> 三態:draw - drew - drawn。
例:The concert drew thousands of people. 那演唱會吸引了數千人來。
(v) 電影或電視的觀眾通常用 viewers,如 TV viewers,但 movie goers 也很常見。
(vi) reflect = re- (向後) + flect (彎曲) ==> (vt.)反映、映射 (vi.)沈思
例:I cannot but reflect on what I've done. 我不禁思考自己所作所為。
(vii) craze = trend = tendency = fashion 潮流、風潮
(viii) take N. by storm 席捲...
例:Smartphones have taken the world by storm. 智慧型手機已席捲全球。
(ix) 先點出兩個事實現況,然後各自分析背後原因,最後給予個人觀感。

2. 這個成功的因素在於:第一,大部分韓國的歌手大都受過長期精良的訓練,精通歌唱、舞蹈、語言、才藝,更別提大量的團體戰。
The factor in the success lies in that, first, the majority of Korean singers are well-trained for a long while, who are proficient in singing, dancing, languages, and talents, not to mention the fact that they mostly perform in teamwork.
【注意】(i) a factor in N. = a reason for N. = a cause of N. ...的原因
例:Carelessness is the reason for this tragedy. 這悲劇的原因就是疏忽。
(ii) lie in N. = consist in N. 在於... --> 後面可接 that 子句!
例:The truth lies in that the company has gone bankrupt. 事實真相就是公司已倒閉了。
(iii) the majority of Korean singers = most Korean singers 大部分韓國歌手
小心:majority 的前面必定有 the,後面一定有 of。
(iv) 「精通...」需要用另外一個子句來表達,因此用 who 代替「韓國歌手」再引出一個形容詞子句。
(v) be proficient in N. = be adroit / adept / skilled / at home in N. 擅長於...
例:This girl is evidently at home in engineering. 這女孩很顯然地在行於工程學。
(vi) not to mention + N. 更別提...
小心:此句中,「更別提」的 mention 動詞後面得接一個完整子句,因此用 the fact that 來引導。
(vii) in teamwork = in group 以群體(出現)

3. 其次,韓劇結合了好萊塢式的行銷策略以及美貌演員的陣容,還搭配有強大的產品置入行銷。
What's more, Korean soap operas combine Hollywood marketing strategies and a cast of good-looking actors, accompanied by powerful product endorsements.
【注意】(i) what's more = in addition = besides = next = subsequently 其次、再者
(ii) marketing strategy 行銷策略 --> market (vt.)行銷
strategy = strat (建設、設立) + -egy (名詞字尾) ==> (n.C)策略、計謀
(iii) cast (n.C)卡司、陣容 (vt.)丟擲
(iv) (which are) accompanied... 為形容詞子句,修飾前面的 Korean soap operas。
(v) endorse (vt.)背書、贊助 --> product endorsement 產品置入行銷

4. 比如說,隨著歌手的表演或演唱以及戲劇演出,其中就有一系列音樂、服裝、手機、汽車等的周邊商品展示,這使得不少死忠迷會想去購買類似事物。
For instance, with a singer's performance or concert as long as a soap opera released, in them are displays of such peripherals as a series of music, dresses, cellphones, cars, and so forth, which makes many die-hard fans want to buy similar things.
【注意】(i) with + O. + V-ing / p.p. 隨著...、同時...
例:She walked past us, with her hair flying in the wind. 她走過我們身邊,同時頭髮飛揚在風中。
例:She sat there with her legs crossed. 她腿交叉地坐在那裡。
(ii) release = re- (一再) + lease (loose,鬆開) ==> (vt.)釋放、發行 (n.C)發行物
(iii) in them 為介係詞片語,放置句首後面接倒裝句 (動詞需為不及物動詞)。
(iv) display = dis- (分開) + play (ploy 的變體,運用) ==> (vt.、n.C)展示
(v) 「像A這樣的B」= such B as A
(vi) a series of N. = an array of N. 一系列的... --> series 單複數同形!
補充:a wide range of N. = a wide selection / choice / variety of N. 各式各樣的...
(vii) die-hard fans = radical fans 死忠迷

5. 可是,我們卻不能忽略韓國政府的全力推動和贊助的力量,而我們也別忘記韓國藝人成功背後的奉獻及努力 -- 這真的可作為台灣表演者追隨的榜樣。
Nonetheless, we cannot overlook the power of the Korean government's all-out boosts and sponsorship while neither can we forget the dedication and efforts behind the Korean entertainers' success -- this can really be a model for Taiwan's performers to follow.
【注意】(i) overlook = neglect = ignore 忽略...
(ii) all-out (adj.)盡全力的 --> go all out to Vr. 盡力去...
例:I went all out to fight for victory. 我盡全力求勝。
(iii) boost (vt.、n.C)推動 --> advocate (vt.)提倡
(iv) sponsor (vt.)贊助 (n.C)贊助商 --> sponsorship (n.U)贊助
注意:-spons 是「答應」的字根,如 responsible。
(v) 此句有兩個句子相對應,因此連接詞「而」用 while 翻譯,把結論另外用破折號留在最後 -- 注意:分號和破折號都相當於連接詞。
(vi) neither 或 nor 放置句首時,後面得接上倒裝句;但注意:neither 是副詞,nor 是連接詞。
例:She won't come, and neither will I. 她不會來,我也不會。
= She won't come, nor will I.
= She won't come, and I won't either.
(vii) dedication = devotion = commitment 犧牲奉獻
(viii) follow a model 追隨一個榜樣
比較:take N. as a model 將...視為榜樣
例:Your brother is a man you can take as a model. 妳哥是妳可作為榜樣的人。

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