201811100719本季品牌推薦!【ZEBRA】WKS11-10C OPTEX 1 單頭環保螢光記號筆 10色組

【ZEBRA】WKS11-10C OPTEX 1 單頭環保螢光記號筆 10色組

?期間限定!【ZEBRA】WKS11-10C OPTEX 1 單頭環保螢光記號筆 10色組

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筆芯:斜尖(粗)4.0 mm

筆桿尺寸: 11.5 x 135.1 mm








紐約到倫敦,半小時內搞定 Have you ever wanted to visit a faraway place but can’t because it takes too long to get there? Someday soon you may be able to get there faster. A company called Space X is working on exactly that. The trip from New York to London takes about seven and a half hours by plane. Space X wants to fly rockets that will make the same trip in only 29 minutes.你曾想拜訪遙遠的地方,但因耗時太久而作罷?不久的將來,你的旅行時間將可大幅縮短。一家名叫「Space X」的企業,就在研發相關的運輸科技。目前從紐約搭飛機到倫敦,大約需要7.5小時。Space X想用火箭搭載旅客,從紐約到倫敦,只需要29分鐘。 #div-gpt-ad-1503996040247-0 iframe { margin:auto; display: block; }

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#innity-in-post { border-bottom: 1px solid #d9d9d9 !important; width: 100%; display: block; padding-top: 15px; } */圖擷自Space X 分享 facebook 省一分時間,旅途多一分玩樂Saving time when traveling has always been important to humans. The distance from Taipei to Kaohsiung is 361 km. That would take days on foot! Taking a car, bus or regular train will get you there in about four hours. The HSR (high speed rail) can do it in only one and a half hours! That means you have more time to do other things, like explore the city. Imagine the extra time you would have if you could take a rocket!對人類而言,省下旅途花費的時間,是很重要的事。臺北到高雄的距離是361公里,用走的,得花數天;搭汽車、巴士或一般的火車,大約需要4小時。若改搭高鐵,則縮短到一個半小時!這表示你有更多時間去做其他事,例如去探索你前往旅遊的城市。你想像一下,如果可以乘著火箭去旅行,你將會省下多少時間?「火箭之旅」不一定是個好主意?火箭或飛彈,傻傻分不清Even though getting to new places in a rocket would be very convenient, there are some problems too. The technology for a passenger rocket can look a lot like the same rockets that countries use to attack each other. Some people are worried it will be difficult to tell the difference between an intercontinental ballistic missile (IBM) and a passenger rocket.雖然搭火箭出遊可能會很方便,但也潛在一些問題。載客火箭跟國家之間用來攻擊彼此的火箭,看起來或許會很相像。因此有些人擔心,洲際飛彈跟載客火箭之間,恐怕不易分辨兩者的差異。身體不適感Traveling by rocket may not be very comfortable. Rockets speed up very quickly, making some people sick. 火箭之旅也許會很不舒適。火箭加速極快,這會讓乘客感到身體不舒服。不一定省時It takes time to get everyone on and off of a train or plane. Some people think it will take even longer for rocket ship passengers. That means for some trips, it might not be faster than a regular airplane.搭火車或搭飛機,乘客上、下火車或飛機都要花時間。有些人認為,把乘客裝進火箭,會花更多時間。這意謂有些火箭之旅,或許比搭乘一般客機更費時。製造污染Rocket fuel is like gasoline for a car—it burns and leaves behind things that pollute our air. 火箭燃料就像汽車行駛需要汽油,燃料燃燒後,殘留的物質會汙染空氣。票價昂貴Sure, these rockets may be fast and cool, but how much are the tickets? Flying in an airplane from Taipei to Los Angeles costs thousands of dollars. The same trip could cost much, much more than that!當然,火箭之旅快又炫,但票價肯定不便宜。搭乘客機從臺北飛往美國洛杉磯,票價就要數千美元,換搭火箭,票價應該會貴到「破表」。太空之旅Space X is working on taking you to the other side of the world. In the future, they even want to fly passengers to the moon and build a city on Mars. In the meantime, they recently helped Taiwan. In August this year, Space X used their Falcon 9 rocket to launch Taiwan’s first homegrown satellite into space, the Formosat-5.Space X正在研發地球上的火箭之旅,未來,甚至還可用火箭載客到月球,或到火星建造城市。Space X最近也協助臺灣,今年八月該公司的「獵鷹九號」火箭,將臺灣第一枚自主製造的「福衛五號」衛星,發射到太空裡。道地說英語skyrocket(像火箭一樣)一飛沖天If something becomes very popular quickly, like those fidget spinners did, we might say that it skyrocketed. You might hear adults talk about the prices of things skyrocketing, or going up quickly.如果有東西像指尖陀螺一樣突然迅速爆紅,我們可用「skyrocket」這個動詞,形容受歡迎度一飛沖天。人們談論物品價格時,也會用skyrocket這個字。價格 (be) skyrocketing,表示價格在短時間內飆漲,變得很貴。˙faraway 遠方的˙distance 距離˙rocket 火箭 ˙convenient 便利的˙passenger 乘客 ˙missile 飛彈 ˙speed up 加速˙fuel 燃料˙gasoline 汽油˙in the meantime 同時˙tell the difference 分辨差異專題企畫、中文翻譯/Jason Young英文撰稿/Sloan Sabbith(本文轉載自【新一代兒童週報】014期)D5B3CE9FA58A211D

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