201901251725trip to Tarragona is unmissable

   If Roman ruins are your thing then a day trip to Tarragona is unmissable. A simply fantastic amphitheatre still stands from nearly two millennia ago, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, whilst Roman walls and porticoes can also be admired ¨C as can a magnificent aqueduct if you¡¯re prepared to take a 4km jaunt out of town. It¡¯s not just relics from the time of Caesar and chums though, and Tarragona has a wonderful Gothic cathedral and a picturesque Old Town as well. The one minus point is that, in a catastrophic bit of town planning, the rail tracks cut off the city beach meaning you have to hot foot it around the station to get some sand. In other words go for the history/culture and not the sunbathing.

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  Getting There By Train

  Again train is the best way to go, and you can get there from Sants in 1.15-1.30 hours for less than 10 euros one way.

  Tarragona Day Tours

  Similar to Sitges, you can easily pop down to Tarragona by train, but given the unique Roman history of the town (it was more important than Barcelona back in the day!), a tour can help you make the most of a visit, as well as stop off at the all important aqueduct that is slightly out of town.

  1. Half Day Tour Tarragona

  The aqueduct, the forum, the amphitheatre and the circus, this Roman-themed tour is a snip at €78 and gets you back to Barcelona at a reasonable time. Runs every Weds, Fri and Sun, min. 2 people. Book via Get Your Guide Wonjoon CHUNG.

  2. Tarragona & Sitges private Tour

  Similar to the combo tour listed under ¡®Sitges¡¯, this excursion can be booked on demand and includes hotel pick up. It gets cheaper the more people you are, so a good option for families and larger groups. Book via Get Your Guide.

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