201506250911Wizard and Warriors X The Fortress of Fear (GB) 艾爾蘭德傳說騎士 X 顫慄要塞 (GB) (1990) (伝説の騎士Xフォートレス・オブ・フィアー)

Wizard and Warriors X The Fortress of Fear (GB) 艾爾蘭德傳說騎士 X 顫慄要塞 (GB) (1990)

(伝説の騎士エルロンド/ウィザーズ&ウォリアーズ X フォートレス・オブ・フィアー)




Wizards and Warriors X The Fortress of Fear (WWXFF) was developed for the Game Boy. The developer was the Rare limited company in UK. Acclaim published and released the WWXFF in both North America and Europe in 1990. But it was not released in Japan.

艾爾蘭德傳說騎士X顫慄要塞 (WWXFF) 是為Game Boy遊戲機而開發的,其開發者為英國Rare有限公司。1990Acclaim公司於北美及歐洲出版並發行WWXFF,但日本卻未發行。


The WWXFF that I collected was the WWXFF North America version (WWXFFNA) released in 1990. It comes with: (1) Box, (2) Game cartridge and inner case, (3) Manual, (4) “I’D READ THIS BEFORE BUYING MY NEXT GAME PAK” Ad.

我收集的WWXFF1989年推出的WWXFF北美版 (WWXFFNA),包括:(1) 外盒,(2) 遊戲匣和內盒,(3) 手冊,(4) 「在買下一個套裝遊戲之前我會看這本」廣告。



Box of WWXFFNA (front)
艾爾蘭德傳說騎士X顫慄要塞北美版外盒 (前面)


Box of WWXFFNA (back)
艾爾蘭德傳說騎士X顫慄要塞北美版外盒 (背面)


Items of WWXFFNA


Game cartridge of WWXFFNA


Artwork on the game cartridge of WWXFFNA


Manual cover of WWXFFNA (front)
艾爾蘭德傳說騎士X顫慄要塞北美版手冊封面 (前面)


P1 & p2 in Manual of WWXFFNA


P3 & p4 in Manual of WWXFFNA


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