202104152202【通過 GCR 恢復共和國|截至2021年4月14日星期三的更新】

【通過 GCR 恢復共和國|截至2021年4月14日星期三的更新】

通过 GCR 恢复共和国|截至2021年4月14日星期三的更新




According to our Military Intel Contact CIA and Mossad satellite communication and mainframes have been put down so that the Deep State could no longer interfere with the Global Currency Reset.


Obstruction attempts by Deep State Cabal/Illuminati"insiders"on RV teams to siphon funds from the key bond liquidity processing-settlement-closing-posting procedures were completely stopped,with Illuminati perpetrators arrested by Sat.10 April.

深州陰謀集團/光照派的阻撓企圖 RV 團隊的"內部人士"試圖從關鍵債券流動性處理中抽取資金結算-結賬-過帳程序完全停止,光照派的犯罪者被逮捕。 4月10日。

Ramadan and Prince Philip's funeral would not interfere with the RV liquidity release.


Restored Republic:


On Fri.9 April the new Starlink Communication System was activated and sometime very soon would take over all Mass Media to enforce a temporary Martial Law worldwide.


There would be Ten Days of Darkness where uncensored news about the takedown of the Cabal would be broadcast in three eight hour movie sessions per day(24 hours a day)on all Media networks worldwide.


Expect the Biden Administration to go out,Trump Administration to go in,along with a possible Stock Market crash,planes and trains grounded,Internet go down and occasional electricity outages as a switchover was made to the new Telsa Free Energy system.


A.Tues.13 April US VP John F.Kennedy Telegram:


President Trump:Fake News CNN,relying on all anonymous sources,meaning they probably made the whole thing up,wrote a very dishonest story claiming Congressman Matt Gaetz asked for a meeting with me at Mar-a-Lago,in Palm Beach,Florida, and was denied.This is completely false.Why doesn't CNN investigate and write about lightweight Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell,who had a torrid and physical relationship with the Chinese spy Fang-Fang,but is somehow on the once-prestigious House Intelligence Committee .Swalwell,who ran for President and dropped out with a record-setting 0%in the polls,has been compromised and is a national security threat to the United States—he should be removed from the Committee immediately!

特朗普總統:假新聞CNN 依靠所有匿名消息來源,這意味著他們可能編造了整件事,寫了一個非常不誠實的故事,聲稱國會議員Matt Gaetz 要求與我在佛羅里達州棕櫚灘的Mar- a-Lago 會面,但被拒絕了。這是完全錯誤的。為什麼CNN 不調查並報導輕量級的民主黨國會議員埃里克·斯沃爾韋爾(Eric Swalwell),他與中國間諜方方有著火熱的肉體關係,但卻不知怎麼地成為了曾享有盛譽的眾議院情報委員會(House Intelligence Committee)的成員。 Swalwell 競選總統,在民意調查中以創紀錄的0%的得票率退出,他已經受到了威脅,對美國的國家安全構成了威脅——他應該立即從委員會中除名!

How can you tell when a Leftist is lying?Answer:'When they accuse you of lying for telling the indisputable truth based on facts and reality.'


Facebook and Twitter are perfect examples of socialism:You get it for free,you have no say in how it works.The guy who runs it is rich.They control your access to information.You have no privacy,and if you say anything they don't like,they shut you up.

Facebook 和 Twitter 是社會主義的完美例子:你免費得到它,但你對它如何運作沒有發言權。經營社會主義的人很有錢。他們控制著你獲取信息的途徑。你沒有隱私,如果你說了他們不喜歡的話,他們會讓你閉嘴。

Robin Bullock Calls On Joe Biden To Confess Election Fraud Before It's Too Late!-The True Reporter


Josh Hawley reveals plans to break up big corporate power:'No corporation'should control politics…Rep.Jim Jordan


President Trump needs to use the Emergency Broadcast System to inform the people and provide resources where they can view and evaluate the indisputable evidence without political rhetoric or hyperbole.


Leftists are proud and gloat about their obvious and brazen deceit and thievery.When called out they say it isn't the case.They lie.Then they accuse honest and decent people of what they themselves are guilty of for good measure.


JFK Jr.Death:In 1999,Bill Clinton the then President of the United States,in cooperation with government agencies,planned to assassination me.They knew I had a plan to overthrow the government.After realizing their plan,I faked my death and got out of reach.Over the years,I have planned for Q project.This is the truth.

小肯尼迪 死亡:1999年,時任美國總統的比爾·克林頓與政府機構合作,計劃暗殺我。他們知道我計劃推翻政府。在意識到他們的計劃後,我偽造了自己的死亡,逃離了他們的掌控。這些年來,我一直在為 q 計劃做準備。這就是真相。

Rush Limbaugh is the real Jim Morrison.Rush Limbaugh wants to go in public as his real identity soon.HE IS ALIVE.


President Trump needs to use the Emergency Broadcast System to inform the people and provide resources where they can view and evaluate the indisputable evidence without political rhetoric or hyperbole.


One thing 4 years of President Trump did was force the deep state out of the shadows&in

to the light of day showing just how truly corrupt the underbelly of America's political&media establishment is.


John Durham's New Bold Move On Russian Probe,The True Defender: https://thetruedefender.com/john-durhams-new-bold-move-on-russian-probe/

The first arrest is coming!Get ready for massive Durham report. The Great Awakening is coming.Watch the water!Watch the Evergreen ship news.Time to wake up EVERYONE!Join: https://t.me/greatawakeningworld

John Durham's New Bold Move On Russian Probe,The True Defender: http://thetruedefender.com/John-durhams-New-Bold-Move-On-Russian-Probe/

第一次逮捕即將到來!準備好接受杜倫的大規模報導吧。偉大的覺醒即將來臨。小心水!觀看長榮船的新聞。是時候叫醒大家了!加入: https://t.me/greatawakening world

Visit: https://greatawakening.world

B.Tues.13 April Q&Trump Channel The Great Awakening Telegram:The Globalists Deep-State&Plandemic Secrets You Need To Know ASAP.All the best documentaries 100%FREE in one place!Visit And Share The World: https://greatawakening.world

4月13日星期二 q&Trump 頻道偉大覺醒電報:全球主義者深層國家和計劃機密你需要盡快知道。所有最好的紀錄片在一個地方100%免費!訪問並分享這個世界: https://greatawakening.World

The first arrest is coming!Get ready for massive Durham report.The Great Awakening is coming.Watch the water!Watch the Evergreen ship news.Time to wake up EVERYONE!Join: https://t.me/greatawakeningworld



第一次逮捕就要來了!準備好聽大量的達勒姆報告。偉大的覺醒即將來臨。小心水!觀看長青船的新聞。是時候叫醒大家了!加入: https://t.me/greatawakeningworld

訪問: https://greatawakening.world

C.Tues.13 April US Second Lady Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Telegram:


Every current member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was appointed by Trump during his time in office.If the Biden Administration was truly in power,these members would no longer hold their positions,and would've been removed.I wonder why none of them have been replaced?If You Know You Know.


100k COVID infected illegal immigrants will infect 1 million Americans.And 10,000 American will die.All murdered by Biden's open border.By May Biden will surpass Cuomo as the greatest mass murderer in American history.

10萬感染 COVID 的非法移民將感染100萬美國人。 10000名美國人將會死亡。所有人都被拜登開放的邊境殺害了。到五月,拜登將超越科莫,成為美國歷史上最大的殺人犯。

HUGE:ABC News In 30 Seconds Told The Truth About Joe Biden! https://thetruedefender.com/huge-abc-news-in-30-seconds-told-the-truth-about-joe-biden/


BREAKING:MIKE LINDELL TO COMPETE WITH AMAZON by launching a new online marketplace titled'MyStore.'Lindell told Steve Bannon,the conservative rival to Amazon will launch on April 20th,and premiere his new documentary on 2020 Election Criminality,Absolute Proof,soon after .

突發新聞:邁克·林德爾(MIKE LINDELL)為了與亞馬遜競爭,推出了一個名為"我的商店"(MyStore)的新在線市場。林德爾告訴史蒂夫·班農,亞馬遜的保守派競爭對手將於4月20日上映他的關於2020年大選犯罪的新紀錄片《絕對證據》。

D.Tues.13 April 2021 The Big Call,Bruce:Thebigcall.net 712-770-4016 pin123456#

2021年4月13日星期二 The Big Call,Bruce:The bigcall.net 712-770-4016 pin123456#

On Sat.9 April there was a major concern with some of the 58 groups of bond holders–that stopped the bond flow for about 12 hours.

星期六。 4月9日,58組債券持有人中的一些人表示了極大的擔憂——這使得債券流通停滯了大約12個小時。

By Sun.morning 10 April it had resumed with about 17 groups started again.


There was a high expectation for notification of Tier 4B to come out Wed.14 April.

4月14日,人們對4B 層的通知有很高的期望。

Bond holders should have monies in their account Tues.night 13 April,with access on Wed.14 April.

債券持有人應該在他們的帳戶裡有錢。 4月13日晚,4月14日星期三。

The new currency rates were locked in.


E.Tues.13 April Fulford Report: https://eraoflight.com/2021/04/13/benjamin-fulford-full-report-riots-murders-nuclear-terror-and-chaos-as-western-political-system-implodes/

There is a growing body of evidence that the pandemic campaign was started with a massive 5G electromagnetic attack that really did kill lots of people before the 5G networks were dismantled.Last week,for example,saw gravesites in Wuh*C*a being overwhelmed by mourners,confirming that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people were killed when they simultaneously fired up 10,000 5G towers in the city in late 2019. https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/massive-crowds-reported-wuhan-cemeteries-raising-questions-about-actual-death-toll

4月13日星期二富爾福德報導:越來越多的證據表明,大規模的5G 電磁攻擊開始了這場流行病的運動,在5G 網絡被摧毀之前,它確實殺死了很多人。例如,上週,天朝*武*的墓地被哀悼者淹沒,這證實了2019年末,數十萬乃至數百萬人在同時啟動該市1萬座5G 信號塔時喪生。據報導,武*的墓地引起了人們的質疑,關於實際的死亡人數

According to a top CIA source:Ghislaine Maxwell is not at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn,as the MSM says.She was removed from the MDC months ago.All talk of her bail and court appearances are theater.She is under the protection of military intelligence.Maxwell turned over all her documents,photos,videos,books and files to them.MI has enough intelligence to bring down the high ranking Kabbalic Satanic members.They are waiting to set the trap.

根據中央情報局的高級消息來源:吉斯萊恩·麥克斯韋不在布魯克林的大都會拘留中心,正如 MSM 所說。她幾個月前被從 MDC 調走了。所有關於她保釋和出庭的談話都是在演戲。她受到軍方情報部門的保護。麥克斯韋把她所有的文件、照片、視頻、書籍和文件都交給了他們。 MI 有足夠的情報扳倒高級別的 Kabbalic 撒旦成員。他們在等待設下陷阱。


It seems that the announced death of Prince Philip is connected with it.We have been waiting for the U.S.military to act,but hopefully this time they really will.


It's a good bet that the current Pope Francis avatar along with the Biden avatar,the Ben Johnson avatar,etc.are also all working for the Rockefellers and their bosses at the Octogon Group in Switzerland.


F.Adrenochrome Production:Traumatizing&Killing Children: https://rumble.com/ve9631-q-these-people-are-sick-adrenochrome-the-devils-drug-child-sex-trafficking-.html


G.Evergreen Child Trafficking Ship:


Trafficked Children,Bodies,Weapons Found on Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez Canal|Politics|Before It's News Millions of children saved from sex trafficking and being used for organ transplants and Adrenochrome production culminated with US Navy Seals,Russian Special Ops and OUR Protection Team rescuing 1,245 children,teens and adults and taking 1,366 dead bodies from 20,000 containers on the Illuminati's Evergreen Evergiven ship that blocked the Suez Canal from Tues.23 March to Mon.29 March.



That Evergreen ship also carried a nuclear warhead,while other ships blocked in the canal also had Weapons of Mass Destruction–to be used by the Biden Administration to start a war in the Middle East–all a part of the Cabal's plan for a New World Order.


Seizing of Evergreen's Evergiven ship was costly to the Illuminati families which had ruled the Global Financial System for over 7,000 years.Evergreen child trafficking shipments was the heart of their money making enterprises of organ and Adrenochrome harvesting,sex trade,weapons,drugs and pharmaceutical trafficking rings run out of an office at the Vatican.

對於統治全球金融體系超過7000年的光照派家族來說,奪取長榮公司的"Ever Given之船"付出了沉重的代價。長榮的兒童販賣貨物是他們賺錢的核心,他們的企業包括器官和腎上腺素收穫、性交易、武器、毒品和藥品販運團伙,這些企業都在梵蒂岡的一個辦公室裡運作。

The Truth of Evergreen: https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2021/04/boom-the-truth-about-the-evergreen-secret-operation-2520284.html

"Containers on the Ever Given Evergreen container ship carried special chemicals which use 5G transmitters radiation beams that mix in with oxygen and in the process accelerate climate change…This situation was completely prevented–the material was seized(by the Alliance)and destroyed…What happened brought an end to Bill Gates ox gas and artificial meat project…Billions(of potential DS income)gone…Bill Gates intended to END beef farming and destroy ALL animal farming.Those who own the food sources own the world."

長榮的真相"長榮集裝箱船上的集裝箱攜帶著特殊的化學物質,這些化學物質使用5G 發射器的輻射束與氧氣混合,在這個過程中加速了氣候變化......這種情況被完全阻止了——材料被(聯盟)沒收並銷毀了......發生的事情終結了比爾·蓋茨的牛氣和人造肉項目......數十億(潛在的DS 收入)消失了......比爾·蓋茨打算結束牛肉養殖並摧毀所有的動物養殖。那些擁有食物來源的人擁有整個世界。"

H.Mon.12 April Intelligence Report:Intelligence Report Warns of Potentially Catastrophic Shocks From Threats Like Tech Disruption,Disease


I.Mon.12 April Flynn&McInerney:Two Generals,General Flynn&General McInerney Interview Together!-His Glory Must Video|Opinion-Conservative|Before It's News


There was foreign interference,mainly from the C*P,in our election that has sewn discontent in the nation.


A number of whistleblowers have come forth.


Arizona Maricopa County signed off on a full forensic audit in next 30-60 days–that is being contested by the Left.


There are 108 different types of bills to strengthen elections at the state level that are against the Senate bill which tears at the fabric of our Constitution.


Flynn is the first target of this group that is trying to take over our nation.He understood the intelligence community and fought them for four years.


When President Trump won the election he won legally.They tried to use cyber warfare that failed.


79 million for Trump,69 million for Biden


We had a cyber attack on our election by the CIA programs Hammer and Scorecard


The same leadership is involved with CV-19.

同樣的領導層也參與了 CV-19的調查。

Do not get the vaccination.




我是我所是. 我愛大家.


I am That I AM.

I Love You All. 

I Love Mother Earth.


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