201108180021about the failure

i believe that the main reason i failed in the interview was my uncertainty about the future..... i won't commit this for too long

i am taking it as a short term carrier job
that thought clearly came out to let the interviewer know
that i can't be their candidate.

another good thing is i won't be able to humiliate that ex-girl
though i still want to ... after all these years :P

maybe god wants me to do something more suitable n important for me
being a flight attendant is just not my duty of being in this life

bye bye CX
i was once so close to you, now it's time to say goodbye
i won't be taking your planes too often for your tickets are expensive XD
still thank you for giving me the chance to express myself
and made friends with so many lovely girls
i love them all, i do.

thank you, god.