201911141629Measurement of low frequency impact insulation

Measurement of low frequency impact insulation

From:The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 146, 2766 (2019); https://doi.org/10.1121/1.5136576


The authors have proposed a dual-rating method for measuring impact insulation in which the high and low-frequency components of impact noise are evaluated independently [LoVerde and Dong, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 141, 428–440 (2017)]. The measurement of low frequency impact sound in rooms is critical to determining human response and acceptability of floor ceilings. In this paper we discuss issues related to low frequency measurements in residential applications. The paper will include analysis of the suitability of the standard tapping machine as a source for low frequency impact noise for typical assemblies within North America. The authors will review the uncertainty of low frequency measurements in typical receiving rooms. The paper will discuss the measurement methodology as a requirement for adoption of a measurement standard.




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