200710141740Reiki Attunements(靈氣點化)免費亢達里尼靈氣療癒和靈氣大師訓練全球合一療癒計劃





Reiki Attunements(靈氣點化Free Attunement to Kundalini 9 免費調整到靈量(亢達里尼) 9

Free Reiki healing and Master Training 免費靈氣療癒和靈氣大師訓練

Global Healing Project  全球合一療癒計劃

Tap into your hara energy! 輕拍你的原生(hara energy)能量!

Energy is omnipresent. We are energy, the objects


 around you, seen and unseen are energy. Einstein pointed out an intimate link between


 energy with his equation E=MC2 . To practice reiki you don't need special paranormal gifts.

練習靈氣你並不需要特殊超出能力範圍的天賦禮物。All you have to understand is that energy is all around you and  ready to be tapped with your mind.

Reiki is a specific form of 'hands on' energy healing developed in Japan . A reiki practitioner

靈氣是特殊形式的扶助(hands on)能量療癒被創造是在日本。一個靈氣從事者通道能量來自

channels energy from the infinite reservoir around himself and and directs it into the


recipient's energy field. Reiki provides benfits similar to qi gong, pranayama, and tai chi.

靈氣提供的效益相似氣功(qi gong),調息瑜珈(pranayama),和太極(tai chi)靈氣復甦實際肉身,並且清理能量及減弱阻礙確實某種程度上它能夠回復身體被細菌、病毒、你自已的負面思考以及心靈自我攻擊所破壞部份。Reiki  revitalizes the physical body and clears energy blockages that debilitate. To a certain degree it can restore a body ravaged by bacteria, viruses, your own negative thoughts and psychic onslaught.


When you become a Reiki professional you can heal yourself and other people. Self healing implies more than mere bodily healing; it also involves enhancing the quality of your life. Take an example. After two months of John's first reiki clearing, he resigned from a profession that depressed him. New opportunities appeared, which he took. Eventually he achieved balance.

Reiki does not require a specific belief system. The practice is non-denominational

靈氣療法。 Reiki Treatments.一個典型療癒期間至少三個月。這個療癒者覆蓋手在某些位置遍佈接收者身體。靈氣是完全不是非侵入式的並且這個委託人仍然是穿著衣服的。經過療癒,溫熱感和刺刺感覺都標記顯示了能量的流動。因為靈氣放鬆是那麼全然,經歷療法後接收者通常都會睡著。它能夠釋放壓力的其中一個最佳方法之一。

A typical healing session lasts about thirty minutes. The practitioner lays hands in certain positions over the recipient's body. Reiki is completely non-invasive and the client remains fully clothed. During the healing, warmth is felt and a tingling sensation marks the flow of energy..

Because reiki relaxes so completely, the recipient often falls asleep during a treatment. It can be one of the best ways to release stress!

靈氣點化 Reiki Attunements靈氣並沒有教導阻擋其他療癒技術的教導。習慣上來說它是藉著喚醒能量系統來轉換學生身分到靈氣療癒者。經歷這個轉換或「點化」,這個主要的共振就會讓接收者喚醒他的有活力身體。這個過程將會開啟頂輪、心輪、手心查克拉並且創造特殊連結在學生和靈氣來源之間。

Reiki is not taught in the way other healing techniques are taught. It is traditionally transferred to the student by a Reiki practitioner with an awakened energy system. Through the Transfer or "Attunement", the principle of resonance causes the recipient to awaken his energetic body. This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the Reiki source.

靈氣點化是最強大的靈性體驗。這個點化能量就是一個頻道透過靈氣大師”(Master)來進入學生體內。The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. The attunement energies are channeled into the student through the Reiki "Master."

這邊已經報告這個點化增加了心靈感受力。學生報告經驗包含:開啟第三眼,增加直覺覺察力,並且其他心靈能力都能在接收靈氣點化後獲得。There have been reports that attunement increases psychic sensitivity. Students  report experiences involving: opening of the third eye, increased intuitive awareness, and other psychic abilities after receiving a Reiki attunement

經過獲得靈氣點化後,你將會擁有靈氣對你其餘人生。它並不會消失你也絕不的失去它。第一次點化全部都是你需要的,第二成功點化建議你使用生命禮物氣(giving chi)去完全沉浸充滿能量系統。收獲包括精練靈氣能量其中之一就是通道,增加能量的力量,療癒個人問題,增加心靈敏感度,並且喚醒心智。點化通常給予的是第三級次的靈氣,不過通常一般人考慮的都是大師級次。

After obtaining a Reiki attunement, you will have Reiki for the remainder of your life. It does not wear off and you can never lose it. While one attunement is all you need, two succeeding attunements are recommended to fully engorge the energy systems with life giving chi. Benefits include refinement of the Reiki energy one is channeling, increased strength of the energy, healing of personal problems,  increased psychic sensitivity, and a an awakened mind. Attunements are usually given by someone who has taken Third degree Reiki, which is often considered master level

靈氣點化開始療癒程式取消清除停滯能量,喚醒查克拉,清除負面感情印記以及其它有害模式擺在我們背後的傷痛。The Reiki attunement kick starts a healing process that scrubs clean stagnant energy, awakens the chakras, erases negative emotional imprints and other detrimental patterns that holds one back.


A first level reiki attunement allows one to heal himself and others of minor discomforts.


A level two reiki attunement allows one to heal graver maladies and emotional ills.


A third level attunement gives one the power to attune others to the energy and spawn masters similar to himself. This works through the principle of resonance: imagine striking a tuning fork. The sound waves from this fork propagates and makes forks nearby resonate with the same energy.

亢達里尼靈氣(Kundalini Reiki)  Kundalini Reiki我專攻亢達里尼靈氣,一個臼井靈氣分支基礎系統。調整到大師級次3Mr. Hicks和大師級次9Stefan Kammerhofer,並且啟動療癒練習,它是我的目標讓全部集合人類幸福藉由領導許多人到這個我現在在做極好的療癒系統。完全免費。

I specialize in Kundalini Reiki, an offshoot of the founding system, Usui Reiki. Attuned to the master level 3 by  Mr. Hicks and master level 9 by Stefan Kammerhofer , and in active healing practice, it is my aim to add to the total pool of human happiness by inducting as many people as I can to this superb healing system. For Free.

假如你有興趣獲得調整到亢達里尼靈氣階段123,好好讀它們吧!你只要投資意志花時間去冥想。If you you are interested in attaining resonance to Kundalini Reiki Levels I, II and III, read on. Your only investment will be time spent meditating.

亢達里尼能量入門Primer on Kundalini Energy

Kundalini is the coiled base energy at the root of the spine. When this energy is tapped, specific healing channels and chakras are been opened, and you gain access to the unlimited healing energy from within yourself and the environment. 


The root chakra is  the energy centre located near the coccyx and serves as portal for the Kundalini energy.  The stimulated energy  shoots all the way up through the body, through the main microcosmic spinal channel, and out of the Crown chakra.
An open Kundalini system ultimately cleanses  the chakras, the body parts and the energy channels.

這三個點化階段 The Three Attunement Levels 亢達里尼靈氣1-第一點化清理療癒通路去讓它們成為無阻礙的能量流。同時,你也開始準備對亢達里尼狀態激發到亢達里尼靈氣2。這一步更進一步刺激頂輪,第三眼,喉輪和手查克拉。你被教導執行完整的療癒治療並且療癒遠端遠距離療癒。

Kundalini Reiki 1 - The first attunement clears healing pathways to allow the unobstructed flow of  energy. Simultaneously, you are prepared for the Kundalini stimulation in Kundalini Reiki 2. This step  further stimulates the Crown, Third eye, Throat and hand chakras. You are taught to perform a complete healing treatment and to heal remotely from a distance. 


Kundalini Reiki 2 - Microcosmic channels are enhanced. Gradual kundalini awakening occurs with  the front and rear meridians coaxing the Kundalini “fire.” Kundalini flow reaches the Hara, the Solar plexus chakra. It paves the way for the final Kundalini reiki 3.


Kundalini Reiki 3 (Kundalini Reiki Master) - The previous channels are widened one last time. Energy conduits to Sex and Base chakras are blasted open. The Kundalini “fire” is strengthened and trickles up and beyond Crown chakra. Your aura is reinforced against stressors, psychic attack and phsyical ills. It is with Kundalini Level III that you can finally attune other people to the same level (or lower) than yourself.


Please be aware, Kundalini Reiki Level III by no means causes a full Kundalini Rising. Kundalini rising takes a year or so of meditation on each chakra. Reiki Kundalini is one such method that can cut down this lengthy training time

你想要完整的亢達里尼喚醒,吸收課程在印度查克拉冥想,調息瑜旭和日本氣療癒(Ki healing)。取得更進一步學習各種的調整頻率的查克拉。它已經被理論化能夠被播放確實的頻率刺激查克拉的喚醒-並且導向亢達里尼的提昇。這些就是理論頻率。(http://www.xtrememind.com/Frequency_list.htm)

Should you desire full kundalini awakening, take up courses in Indian chakral meditation, pranayama and and Japanese Ki healing. Take it further and study the various resonance frequencies of the chakras. It's been theorized that that playing certain frequencies stimulate chakra awakenings--- and lead to Kundalini rising. Here are the theoretical frequencies.


Once you reach Kundalini Level III resonance, I can optionally attune you until level 9 if you feel the need for a more penetrating energy flow. The following options are available for you:

亢達里尼靈氣援助者1-2-3  (亢達里尼靈氣4-5-6)

Kundalini Reiki Booste r 1-2-3  (Kundalini Reiki 4-5-6)


These attunements fortifies the previously received attunements, Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3 . After each booster, the chakras, the main energy channel and the meridians to the hands are widened and strengthened. After Kundalini Booster 3, your resonance to summon Reiki will have been increased approx. 100 percent! You will also be able to pass on the Kundalini Reiki Booster 1-2-3 Attunements.

亢達里尼靈氣援助者4-5-6  (亢達里尼靈氣7-8-9)

Kundalini Reiki Booste r 4-5-6 (Kundalini Reiki 7-8-9)

這個點化加強了先前點化靈氣階級1-6。在每一個額外的援助者,查克拉和通道到這個手和擴大及賦予更強大力量。亢達里尼靈氣支援者6,加強你的通道靈氣大約到300%超越之前達到的階級3。你將能夠傳遞亢達里尼靈氣支援者4-5-6 點化
These attunements strengthens the previous attunements of Kundalini Reiki levels 1-6. At each additional booster, the chakras and the channels to the hands are magnified and empowered. Kundalini Reiki Booster 6, empowers you to channel Reiki by approx. 300 percent more than those who reached level 3. You will also be able to pass on the Kundalini Reiki Booste r 4-5-6 Attunements.
謝謝這個完全訓練和導響的奧地利的Stefan Kammerhofer,我也提供可選擇的超光速粒子,天上水晶和黃色靈氣。

Thanks to the full training and guidance of Austrian Stefan Kammerhofer, I also offer optional Tachyon, Etherial Crystal and Gold Reiki.

Stefan Kammerhofer  describes these reiki forms: 描述靈氣的形成:


療癒你自已,治療其它人,潔淨你的住所,修復業力集合在你和其它人之間,療癒動物和目標們,達到出神狀態,增加你的能量層度,提昇你的DNA, 療癒你過去人生,療癒任何創傷經驗,加強你的能量,

In Kundalini Reiki you channel  that inherent chi called the Kundalini to:

mend yourself, treat others, purify your dwelling, repair the karmic band between you and others, heal  animals and objects, reach trance states, increase your energy levels, uplift your DNA, heal your past lives, heal any traumatic experience, fortify your energies,

Gold Reiki, you deploy the metaphysical characteristics of Gold to reduce fear and negativity.

Ethereal Crystals, you simulate any ethereal crystal or gemstone you are attuned to, anywhere in your body or the body of others. The properties of this crystal will then manifest where you have placed it.

Tacyon Reiki,  attune objects and yourself to form a Tacyon Antenna of any strength that will magnify your energy levels, protect you from harmful radiation - such as that TV set ahead of you.

 請下載這個電子書編譯是由Mr. Kammerhofer 獲得更多資訊。


Please Download this eBook compiled by Mr. Kammerhofer for more information.

Starting Sept 10, 2006, I can attune individuals to these forms of reiki. Each session must be spaced a week apart. Gold, Etherial and Tachyon are best taken after full Kundalini Reiki attunement.

So, would you care to be attuned to the healing levels of Kundalini Reiki at absolutely no cost?

這裡有幾件事你必須做。Here's what you will have to do.免費點化到亢達里尼大師階級三



1.       First, I want you to study these  excellent guides that aided my mastery of reiki.



黃金,光速粒子和天上靈氣編譯者Stefan Kammerhofer http://www.xtrememind.com/FullReikiNotes.zip

靈氣出版(ReikiPress)手冊 http://www.xtrememind.com/ReikiPressEbook.pdf

調整你自已能充滿能量靈氣系統** http://www.xtrememind.com/AttunementManual.pdf

紫色火焰靈氣 http://www.xtrememind.com/reikivfr.zip

靈性上昇的症狀 http://www.xtrememind.com/reikiSymptoms.doc


Download your Manuals Here

 Mikao Usui's original notes given out to his students

 Gold, Tachyon and Etherial Reiki Compilation by Stefan Kammerhofer   

 ReikiPress Manual

 Attuning Yourself to Energy **

 Violet Flame Reiki

 Symptoms of Ascencion

閱讀它們並內化系統能量。Read  and internalize the systems of energy.


●你的全名 ●你的地區 ●你精確時間和日期你想要做亢達里尼靈氣階級1點化








2. Decide why you want to be attuned. Have a clear goal. Then email me with the following information

·    Your full name ·    Your location

·    The exact time and date you want your Kundalini Reiki Level I attunement

·    The exact time and date you want your Kundalini Reiki Level II attunement

·    The exact time and date you want your Kundalini Reiki Level III to IX attunements (take note, you should allow one week  between each attunement to allow your system to stabilize)

·    Other reiki forms you may desire. Specify this ONLY after you achieve full kundalini reiki

·    A very brief summary of your understanding or insights of the manuals (to ensure that you read them)

·    A written promise that you will train at least one other Master like yourself within the year. This is crucial: name a candidate you plan to train.

·    My email can be found here: Please request for your attunement at least three days after your email. I do not get to read my mail everyday.


Remote reiki healing of this type typically cost $450 to $600. This service is delivered FREE, provided  I have your word that you will  attune at least one other person for free. . My aim is to create an army of Healers to soothe this blighted planet.


3、抓走這個圖片用在你有一天你的點化用。它將會幫助你容易進入這個能量流。3. Carry this picture with you on the day of your attunement. It will help facilitate the energy flow.


4. Await the energy on the day and hour you specified by abstaining from alcohols, processed foods and sexual activity for 24 hours. Lie down, do pranic breathing and say to yourself: "I welcome the universal healing energy that I asked for and now gratefully receive."   Wait expectantly, with calm mind, and lightly focused on your solar plexus and the tailbone area.  Welcome the energy that will trickle at first then cascade like waterfalls. When you sense a lightness of being, a tingling, or  a deep penetrating relaxation, that is the moment!



你知道為什麼紅海會死亡和加利利海(Galilee)充滿活力在他們人生中?簡單理由。紅海沒有出口。全部水流在停止狀態。換句話說,加利利海(Sa of Galilee)有多個入口和出口點。能量必須輸入和輸出。這個持續流動更新這個水和帶來生氣。它是活的,加熱身體的水!

5. Congratulations. You have been attuned. Remember to use this energy to heal others. Deploy the energy to create more people like yourself. Selfishness will stifle energy flow. Do you know why the Red Sea is Dead and the Sea of Galilee is vibrant with life? Simple reason. The Red Sea has no outlet. All water flows in and stays there. On the other hand, the Sea of Galilee has multiple entry and exit points. Energy that comes in also comes out. This continual flow refreshes the water and brings vitality. It is a living, glowing body of water!

證書 對不起-我們已經停止給予免費證書為了成本考量。

CERTIFICATES  Sorry- we've stopped giving free certificates due to the cost involved.

A對於這些有興趣在正統的話,它將會是:Ole Gabrielsen -->  Stefan Kammerhofer --> Joseph Plazo --> You A. For those interested in lineages, it will be: Ole Gabrielsen -->  Stefan Kammerhofer --> Joseph Plazo --> You


B. Paper Certificates  are  no longer  free due to extremely heavy volume incurred over the previous months. If you really must have a certificate, we will send out a bound certificate on high quality parchment paper for $12. You can obtain it here:


Note: Reiki healers do NOT need certificates. You can heal even without these fancy embellishments hanging on your wall. Paper is only provided for those who must prove that they have acquired a certain degree of mastery.


C. The Attunment Process will rely on both Old-Style Methodologies of Reiki as well as via Radionic operations. I find that radionics helps focus energy into laser intensity.

 這個放射粒子陣列將會幫助我做這個包含宇宙薩滿(CyberShaman)Spurling harmonizers), RAD-XRAD-C和轉換光碟。

The Radionic Array that will help me do this includes CyberShaman, Spurling Harmonizers, a RAD-X, a RAD-C and a transfer disc. Warmly, Joey Plazo 尋找更多靈氣點化(Attunements)Search for more Reiki Attunements!   參考:http://www.xtrememind.com/Download.html


靈氣是個很棒的能量來源!可以療癒身體上的症狀!來減輕痛苦!是療癒的好方法之一!大家可以好好學習!附註:裡面有的檔案是PDF檔!請安裝acrobat reader 來開啟!不然是亂碼!http://toget.pchome.com.tw/intro/utility_file/utility_file_view/9525.html






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1 次5次點化,42天自我淨化期!


Verbatim威寶 16GB microSDHC Class10 記憶卡 (含轉卡)【福利品】SHARP SH630e 4.3吋雙網雙卡雙待亞太智慧機








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1、心靈成長:提供皮紋檢測(命理)、星座算命排流年、手相、生肖姓名學等算命諮詢、天使卡占卜問事、前世今生諮詢、天使卡教學、臼井靈氣教學、下部世界(力量動物)、元神宮遊歷、第三眼讀書會、工作坊教學、SKT超級觀音療法、高階經理課程、量子檢測(細胞檢測)、助養貧童計劃投資理財,雲聯惠消費全返!華哥電話:0938-985712(LINE ID),s1867038-2(wecaht id),華哥的匯款帳號: 台北富邦012 帳號:702168192988 -皮紋檢測含報告及諮詢(外面檢測要2500)+手相諮詢1500元 -進階占星星座算命排流年、合婚、流年運勢1200元 -天使卡占卜問事前世今生諮詢、遠距OK(限問3件事) 600元,半小時到一個小時時間!

2、歡迎訂購永久產品五行青菜湯五行吉運養生手環、手鍊(開運發財)能量SPA棒(可過熱水、過濾雜質)刮痧按摩油Fucoidan (藻寡醣)-海之至寶藻寡醣膠囊南極蝦精☆女人的戰爭-逆轉塑身霜★能量板
☆第三眼二天一夜台北行哈利波特魔法學校工作坊第三梯次12/24-12/25!★ 開始接受報名,(目前1人報名)12/24日(四)早上12:00-12/25日(五)中午12:00回家,地點:宮林賓館 台北市大同區太原路79巷37號(飯店)! (會因應飯店訂房狀況,會有一些異動,敬請原諒!)
2009年11月8日(日)開靈性服務-開展第三眼假日班台中讀書會(第八版本)-第???梯次! 開始接受報名(15-20人),11月8日(日)早上11:00-3:00PM,地點:內兒的店nell 台中內兒的家 www.nells-home.blogspot.com 台中市西區精誠22街1-1號 店內有好幾隻可愛的貓! 台中市西區精誠22街1-1號 (精誠路及向上路口)
☆第三眼二天一夜宜蘭行哈利波特魔法學校工作坊2011年第二十三梯次12/17-12/18!★ (目前2人報名-接受報名中),12/17日(六)早上9:35-12/18日(日)下午15:00回台北,地點:宜蘭市慈安路10巷2弄17號(華哥家)! 週3開始訂車票! 訂葛瑪蘭雪山號!12/17早上在台北轉運站4樓集合! (會因應火車票訂票位置,時間會有一些異動,敬請原諒!)
愛是全世界最佳解答!(3051) 智慧並非學習而是領悟,是你遺失已久的天性!
熱門新聞即時排行統計:2020.1.5: 張善政、陳建仁紛至苗栗掃街催票→林靜儀爆爭議!他斷言綠亂了手腳→百大美女第一名驚見一片驚網暴動→韓說這句話!韓粉聽完一直哭→奢侈品炫富,非洲有這東西才是土豪→周錫瑋批政府查水表要蔡出面→工程師抖內被甩駭女網友po裸照→夏宇童被問孫協志險招架不住→桃園三鄭虎頭山拜票陳菊現身挺→發表會這幕韓粉驚呼跟他真像
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