201710161535MTK X20 development board for Android

repo the Android source code, you need to get this repo

wget  http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/git-repo-downloads/repo

也要設定一下 git user name and email.

 git config --global user.email "siyou.tw@gmail.com"

 git config --global user.name "si you"

repo init -u https://android.googlesource.com/platform/manifest -b android-6.0.0_r1

repo sync (開始download)

You better prepare 150G disk space for source & compile.

Copy the contents of sla directory device/prebuilts/ and vendor/ into the AOSP directory.

After completing the copy steps follow the steps below to start compiling


  1. source build/envsetup.sh
  2. lunch
  3. Choose your platform

My compile env is Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

Build Android 6 need jdk 7 [sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk]

Android 7 need jdk 8

And below:

sudo apt-get install git-core gnupg flex bison gperf build-essential zip curl zlib1g-dev gcc-multilib g++-multilib libc6-dev-i386 lib32ncurses5-dev x11proto-core-dev libx11-dev lib32z-dev ccache libgl1-mesa-dev libxml2-utils xsltproc unzip

MTK X20 開發板, device folder 下是看 amt , 不是 mediatek.

Linux kernel config is specified in device/amt/amt6797_64_open/full_amt6797_64_open.mk

KERNEL_DEFCONFIG ?= amt6797_64_open_debug_defconfig
KERNEL_DEFCONFIG ?= amt6797_64_open_defconfig

This file is in kernel-3.18/arch/arm64/configs/amt6797_64_open_debug_defconfig

I want to enable usb webcam support,

在menuconfig 中找了好一會, 原來找錯地方了, 是在multimedia support, 而不是在 usb support.

In multimedia support -->

enable "Cameras/video grabbers support"

in multimedia support -->Media USB Adapters -->USB Video Class (UVC)

Linux compile object is in: out/target/product/amt6797_64_open/obj/KERNEL_OBJ



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