201309231455China light wind

Cool autumn wind to sweep away the festival atmosphere.

Stand alone after the bridge, Limited company Hong Kong off the eye always empty like to do a thousand sails river. Such a body, yesterday has gone not in.

Always reluctant to start, do not want to put such a holiday festival time, for fear of a period will put an end in a better state of mind.

The pain suffering will be a ray of pulling the long years. But the good time is always in a clean manner, to leave the world a very clean. Nothing can deliberately recall. No.

The festival fireworks flash shadow may be mixed in some idea suddenly flashed. Those drugs smoked drunk taste has not alone smell.

Heart, very sparse, Accounting in HK bustling over plain. After the excitement of silence. The world seemed to suddenly disappear, even the voice had died.

The value of life, but after the fireworks.

Life is nothing but water, but who also can not make flood. Often a fine water, weak and scattered, the chaotic River to flow to where will pass through what, not Providence is inevitable, people will speed up in the time of the road lost happiness. The initial chest heart and lost selfHong Kong Company Secretary. In the overgrown with weeds, some natural edge. Your life, careful operation. The bleak scenery hard about interpretation of expression and relieved the quiet sorrow joy. Fireworks!

I remember in force at the moment. Recall that emotion surging moment. The fireworks into the sky adventures.


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