200911140729Let’s Get Dirty

Let’s Get Dirty

Solomon XT Wings Test Report


Since I plan to schedule some trail run training in the following marathon season, I’ve been looking for trail-run shoes for weeks.


Of course, there is nothing in this field in Taiwan as usual, thus I’ve got to wandering around to find a right pair.


I bought a trail run gear catalog book last season in Japan, most stuff in Japan are expensive, best to buy in the States. Unfortunately I won’t be in the States for a while, and buying a pair of new shoes via web without even trying on is damn stupid, finally I decided to get it in Canada, where I travel to at least once a month.


Since I quitted mountaineering club in the collage a decade ago, I haven’t really done any research of outdoors equip. There’re too many new materials and fancy goods in outdoors shop nowadays, I was kind of lost.


I tried La Sportiva wildcat, Solomon XT Wings and Pro 3D. Wildcat was too stiff for me, and 3D was too narrow on the heels.


Finally I decided to have XT Wings. I liked the GTX(Gore-tex) vesion better, but they didn’t have my size in stock.


I kicked off a 30K LSD run after a few hours. On the dirty, rocky Richmond inshore trail, it was not a bad run.


Cushioning               8  of out of 10

Flexibility                 7

Responsiveness       5


Average                   7


Totally different from road racer, the function is focused on cushioning, and the fast-fasten-lace design is superb.

The only thing I don’t like is the wild opening, weeds or rocks might hop in.


Generally satisfied, ready to get dirty in winter !