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    200910111028Change The World (SEB 151)


    Max Alto - Change The World

    I felt so worried when I spent all the time 
    Thinking of the future of us 
    'Cause I know there's nothing that I 
    Really want to know 

    And then I met you, so I could feel 
    What you should know, I finally found your love 
    And now I'm really feeling all right 
    'Cause the nightmare has gone 
    This is way to love you 

    I want to change the world 
    Walk again, never miss the way 
    Don't be afraid, I'm with you 
    And we can fly away 
    If you can stay with me forever 
    Change the world 
    Won't get lost if your passion's true 
    I'm gonna fly with your wings 
    And you will fly with me away 
    It's wonderful 

    We gotta swim against the tide and the flow 
    Till the day when we'll get your goal 
    You will see that your desire 
    Will be granted again 

    This is the feeling you'll understand 
    The trouble life 
    It won't be too bad for face 
    And any problem you will see 
    Will not be too hard 
    If I can walk beside you 

    I want to change the world 
    Walk again, fight against the wind 
    Don't be afraid, to be true 
    'Cause now you have to bring 
    The power of your smile in your face 
    Change the world 
    Keep on holding on your desire 
    You'll get a shining love 
    That you can reach your goal 
    It's wonderland