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    Xavier Wang a student live in Fremont, CA USA

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    Program Name: "Gateway to Asia" -- "Reading thousands of books can not enrich your life as that of traveling thousands of miles." --Ancient Chinese Saying


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    Stupid life guard on duty, what will happen?


    200705270036Wrong Farter...

    Fart is not wrong, but if at the wrong place wrong time, you fart can cause you death...


    I thought for a long time debating whether I should post this video or not. I can see many people, especially from mainland China, posting hateful comments. Please, people, I totally believe in freedom of speech, you can say anything you like, whether you think TW is a country or not, as long as you don't attack another peron (+me) in harmful words. Through out the process of making this animation, I realized it is hard to convince a person's political stand point. Even some TW think TW is a part of CH, and it is sad TO ME. However, I still respect their opinion. But what I came to realize in the end is the possible war between TW and CH. I understand some of you might say CH would never invade TW, but even if there is only 1% possibility, it is still worrisome. That is why I finally decide to post this animation...hopefully I make the right decision.


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