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  • 200905172049OM house


                                             OM house


    OM house is located on the central of Yilan Plains.This is the place where it's without readjustment area of traffic lights.OM House base on the point of offering 2 days of 7 days for usage. We also call it 2/7house,it's for relax.It is according to the concept of mountain valley and turn it into the framework of space.You can do mountaineering at home as if climbing in mountain.Namely, living is exercising.



        You can take shower on the roof with naked body,and enjoy the sky.




    The balustrades on the balconies were the shape like bars on the second and third floors.



    There are sunshine inside the room of attic and the skylight at the head of a bed.



     a swimming pool with 15 meter long.




    Architect Sian-Cing Lin and interior designer Fang-yin Ou 



     OM house was a design based on the inner type.Making two mountains in the rectangle space,and the medium section is like the valley between the two mountains.These two mountains respectively are the bedroom,living room,kitchen,and the dining room which are the independent space.The vally in the medium is matched with skylight and Z-shaped stairway to let the light in.With the feature of the 15 meter single swimming pool,the house will be the small and unique universe.




    Key Word

    1)locate:(v)be located in/near/on/etc. to be in a particular place

    2)naked:(a)not covered by clothes


    4)independent:(a) single




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