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  • Hello~ My name is Esther.I like to make friends and daydream.I want to travel round the world.I hope my English will be better than now.And I will share many things that are my favorite .

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    Sella Stool                Designer by:Achille Castiglinoi


    It's really a very simple creation consisting of a black racing bike seat on a pink steel column and (get this) a rocking base.
    I totally understand that in many ways furniture design is an art form and practical usability isn't always a top priority, but if you're going to call something a stool there's at least a slight implication that it could be sat on, if you were so inclined. Oh well, it does look nice!




    Panton Chair          design by Verner panton       

    It was the very first fully plastic chair made from a single section,and it is integrated. Since its market launch, the Panton Chair has undergone several production phases.
    The chair offers great seating comfort thanks to the cantilever base, together with its shape - designed to do justice to the human body - and flexible materials.







    S-chair                          designed by Tom Dixon


    The importance of integrating form and material is paramount to dixon and is showcased in the wicker and marsh straw versions of the s-chair. other options include graphic black/white spotted pony leather as well as an array of cappellini fabrics. the s-chair also features a dark lacquered metal frame.




    Sacco      designed by piero gatti,cesare paolini & franco teodoro


    the sacco was the first mass production 'beanbag' chair - filled with highly resistant expanded polystyrene pellets. the sacco is still in production by zanotta and, unlike the many imitators, is still a quality product produced in a number of colorful fabrics & leather. An interesting feature of the sacco often overlooked by imitators is a functional 'headrest' area, where dislodged pellets congregate to support the head when the chair is occupied. an icon of twentieth century design.







     Marshmallow Sofa           designed by George Nelson   


    The playful Marshmallow sofa is a landmark of modern design that's still turning heads and making people smile. The cushions can be all the same color or in multiple colors for the right look in a private office, lobby, lounge, living room, or den.
    Cushions can be detached for easy cleaning and interchanged to equalize wear or create a new look.
     Its unique form makes it one of the few truly unconventional sofas in design history. The basic version consists of 18 individual round cushions mounted on transverse braces in the seat and back. A connecting element makes it possible to join individual sofas together, extending the length as desired.

     This is a modern-day update of Salvador Dali's famous red lips sofa, apparently inspired by Dali's painting of Mae West and specifically, her lips in that image. That art-based fantasy was later turned into a sofa by French designer Jean-Michel Frank and Spanish designer Oscar Tusquets (in 1972), but only became commercially available from 2002.
    This most-recent version from Barcelona Design is made of a durable spin-moulded polyurethane for outdoor use, with a choice of colours from the famous red through to monochrome black and white.


    Key Word
    Design: (V) to make or draw plans for something
    priority:(n) something that is very important and must be dealt with before other things
    do justice to sb/sth :to treat someone or something in a way that is fair and shows their true qualities

     functional:(a) designed to be practical and useful rather than attractive

     dislodge:(v)to remove something or someone, especially by force, from a fixed position

     detach:(v) to separate or remove something from something else that it is connected to





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