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                     Phenom Watch Phone  Debuts


    Phenom communications has announced the launch of its new watch phone called the Phenom SpecialOPS. The watch is designed to be like something out of a spy movie and is aimed at teens and tweens. The Phenom Watch Phone is an unlocked GSM cell phone , an MP3 and MP4 player, a digital and video camera - all in one cool and compact watch.




    The phone watch has 2GB of internal memory and uses a touch screen that can be navigated with an included stylus. Other features include Bluetooth , USB port, and a speakerphone. The watch has a SIM card slot and will work with almost any carrier in the world.


    The phone portion of the watch can be dialed using the color touch screen and a normal keypad is included on the watchband for dialing. The screen is 1.3-inches and ring tones are supported in MP3, MIDI, and WAV formats. Supported music formats include MP3 and movies are MP4 format. Mobile carrier networks are supported that use GSM, GPRS, WAP 900/1800/1900 MHz. Call time per charge is 2 hours with standby time of 120 hours.

    With a simple switch of the SD card, customers never run out of their favorite music or video. Phenom Spokesperson Jane Levit adds, "It's perfect for everybody - teens, tweens, sports and outdoor enthusiasts, men and women. We have a variety of models, styles, and colors just right for your personality. Boys and dads feel like special agents, girls keep up with the latest trends; moms never miss a call from the kids. And, starting at just $195, the Phenom Watch Phone even offers big savings for the new year."


    Key Word

    1)announce: (vt) to make known ,especially publicly.

    2)compact: (adj)consisting of parts that are positioned together closely or in a tidy way, using very little space

    3)feature:  (n) a typical quality or an important part of something.

    4)format:  (n) a pattern, plan or arrangement.

    5)run out of:  to finish, use or sell all of something, so that there is none left.




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