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  • Hello~ My name is Esther.I like to make friends and daydream.I want to travel round the world.I hope my English will be better than now.And I will share many things that are my favorite .

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                     Are you ready to welcom the summer days?


    Today I want to introduce a kind of ice to everybody,it's the Nodded Ice!!!You must be confused why its name is "Nodded Ice"?Because the boss hope that after you enjoyed it , you must say "great" with nodding your head.

    Why is the Nodded Ice popular with everybody?Because every fresh fruit is chosen and cut on the day. And no doubt, those fruits are the bestest ingredients.First,ice maker puts the fruit in season in the bottom of the bowl, then covers the fruit with fragrant and delicious purple glutinous rice.It's full of innoveation and nutrition.And the last,ice maker will sprinkle some condensed milk and coconut cream.When you enjoy it,you must feel what the South Asian flavor is!

    Are you attracted with it?Next time you and I can go to taste the Nodded ice together.Enjoy it,and enjoy our summer days!





    (1) fragrant:[noun (C or U)] a sweet or pleasant smell

    (2) glutinous: (adj) sticky

    (3) nutrition:noun [U] the substances that you take into your body as food and the way that they influence your health

    (4) sprinkle: verb [T] to scatter a few bits or drops of something over a surface.

    (5) condensed milk:noun [U]a thick and very sweet milk from which water has been removed

    (6) coconut: [C]  a large nut-like fruit with a woody brown shell containing hard white edible flesh and a white liquid.

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