202003202359Overnight Stay in Chiayi

[2020/3/20]超大背包 - The Mountain Album

I deliberately chose my biggest backpack for the hike this time because we were going to carry a lot of “non-essential beverages and snacks,” and the other reason is I wanted to (finally) give it a spin on the trail. The 100L backpack has been staying in the storage since its arrival more than 1 year ago.

With a volume so great, I could just stuff whatever I liked into the pack, but somehow it still took me a lot of time last time. Well, I certainly attracted eyeballs while taking the MRT because of the huge backpack and an ice axe strapped to the side. Luckily, it wasn’t too crowded to find a space to put my backpack on. Then I switched to the high speed rail. The patrolling police eyed my ice axe several time but said nothing, to my relief.

We met at the Chiayi HSR station and then my friend drove us directly to a family resort in the mountains. We spent a night there.


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