202003152359Wrong Trail

I planned to take my wife for a little hike to Junjian Rock (translated literally, Warship Rock) which is very close to where we live. It seemed like an ideal place to go because it was already late in afternoon. I took a quick look at a map on the Internet and set the course.

Overconfidence led to failures. I led my wife onto a strange trail that seemed to be heading for the right direction, but soon we found some thorny plants blocking the way, uncharacteristic of a popular trail. I knew it was not the right trail, but seeing the ridge wasn’t far away, still wanted to give it a try despite protests from my wife.

At last, we encountered a broken section and I decided it was not safe to continue anymore, especially to Z, so we turned back immediately … and ate hot pot for dinner at a restaurant nearby, so that her displeasure with my mistake would dissipate quickly.

Yep. Just a mistake. Next time I’ll find the correct trailhead!


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