202002232359Mt. Yuan and Sanxia Old Street

[2020/2/23]鳶山山頂 - 雜照

Once again, my wife looked at me with expectant eyes that I would think of somewhere nice and not too faraway for a quick afternoon trip. I thought about it for a while and proposed we should go to Sanxia Old Street, which met all requirements and seemed unfamiliar enough to me.

The street was filled with visitors despite the rampage of COVID-19 around the world, largely thanks to the government’s remarkable efforts in containing the virus. We walked along the street, looking for anything of interest, but then realized we couldn’t really find its distinct identities because most things can be found in other old streets as well.

[2020/2/23]三峽老街 - 雜照

We ate a late lunch (or early dinner?) there and proceeded to Mt. Yuan, a small hill with a broad view of the surrounding area. The trailhead is incredibly close to the top, making it an easy hike for everyone who can walk, but I took the shortcut which presents a small section of scramble challenge, which was too much for my wife to overcome by herself.

[2020/2/23]展望沒話說 - 雜照

With my assistance, we both topped out and a panoramic view revealed itself before our eyes with the sun setting on the horizon. The freeway flows across the land like a gigantic dark vein which vanishes at a far point in a distant city. We picked a spot on a boulder to sit—not for long because it grew windy.


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