202002122359Car Sold Cheap

My approach to selling the old car is simple: the faster the better. Instead of spending more time on finding a good price, I am willing to settle. My wife’s brother knows a friend who knows another friend in the business, and today he came to take a look at the car, then parked in the garage of my sister’s community.

This actually happened 2 days ago. He and a companion examined car, pointing out a few things detrimental to the value such as a deteriorated motor mount, a noise from the engine and a few scratches here and there, and drove it around for a while. When the test drive was done, he said it would difficult for him to buy the car with 100K, but offered to drive the car back to his store to see if he can find some buyers. Since he was introduced by connection, I handed over all documents and let them drive away.

The call came on Wednesday, 2 days later. The man said a buyer from the south showed interest and offered to buy it for 80K, and I accepted it on the phone right away. He then went to a motor vehicle office to complete the paperwork of transferring ownership, and gave me the cash in person. It turned out the car had some unpaid tickets or violations with fine payments due, so he told me about the price and deducted the amount from the 80K, making it 76K. While I was counting the money, I wondered how a car worth over 2 million ended up like this.

Today, I saw the car in a Facebook community, and whoever bought it attached a 270K price tag. Damn. But I will defend my decision: it was not worth the effort to sell the car myself, and keeping it could result in more money spent on repairs. Let’s just put the money in the pocket and get it over with.

Farewell. Dad’s car.


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