202002012359Hiking with Mom and Price Inquiry

[2020/2/1]展望 - The Mountain Album

My mom has been doing day hikes with a group of friends for a long time, but I consider most of their hikes too slow and boring to me. This time, however, seeing my mom was quite anxious about the hike which was said to be strenuous, I decided to hike with her as a bodyguard.

Initially we hiked along a paved trail and the progress was reasonably slow, given the average age of the group. At a point, the guide led us onto a dirt trail with many muddy sections, but the group handled them well enough. Once we were back on the paved trail again, I knew the fun part of the hike was over. One time, the guide also took us through dense vegetation to see where the triangulation points is on a mountaintop, as these are sometimes located away from the main trail.

[2020/2/1]八角蓮 - The Mountain Album
[2020/2/1]火燒山 - The Mountain Album

On the way down, I kept chatting with the senior guide because he knew a lot of things about the mountains of Taiwan, which I takes a great interest in. Chatting with someone also helped killing time or otherwise the descent would be boring as hell. The original route would bring us past the nearest bus stop and all the way to a MRT station, but most people, included my mom, thought it was enough and decided to wait for the bus.

[2020/2/1]午餐 - The Mountain Album

In late afternoon, my brother-in-law and I drove the car to some dealers specialized in used car trading, and had their representative name a price, and the answers were quite consistent: around 100K TWD, based on several factors such as over 10 years, diesel engine, rarity, high maintenance cost, etc. Disappointed, I drove home, with the understanding that there’s no way we will keep the car.


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