202001052359Climbing and Hiking

[2020/1/5]七星山 - The Mountain Album

Indoor rock climbing with friends in the morning. Hiking in late afternoon. Why? Since I felt I hadn’t sweated my shirt enough for the day, I decided to take Z out for a little hike to the summit of Mt. Qixing, the highest volcano and also one of the most popular day hike destinations in Taiwan. I chose the shortest trail for her.

The weather was fine, and the car park surprisingly offered free entry because of a system upgrade. We started climbing the stairs at a slow pace and I found Z could actually keep up without having to take too many breaks. The view, however, was affected by poor air quality, which clouded the far side of the city.

[2020/1/5]七星山東峰 - The Mountain Album

Just before hitting the one-hour mark, we arrived at the summit, and I quickly had Z put on her jacket to prevent wind-chilling. Naturally, we asked a hiker to take a picture of us beside a wooden post on a protruding rock. I tried to take her to the east summit which was just 200m away, but she refused to go any further, so we started down. I was glad she seemed okay during the descent.

I hope she liked it. But I fear she was doing it for meeting my expectation. Sigh. Is it true that some people could never understand the pleasure of hiking, or outdoor activities in general?


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