201911012359Last Issue Appearance

I heard the news that the revered magazine “Taiwan Mountain (loosely translated)” is coming to an end, but I did not think too much about it until the teacher/guide that I became acquainted with last year (via indoor and outdoor courses throughout the year), who happened to be closely connected to the team, recommended me to be a contributor of the last issue.

I was only happy to accept the invitation. After all, not everyone gets the chance to write something for a magazine.

The bigger the exposure, the greater the responsibility. I’ve been working hard on an article on the culture of recreational hiking/backpacking in Taiwan, and hope that people would finally get to know the massive gap that divides hikers into two distinct categories. The good old days are gone, and the new generations are left to face the problems of their time—lack of education, fragmented information on the web, and an environment that’s seeing more visitations than ever.

It’s not difficult to understand why we are seeing the end of yet another magazine that centers on mountain activities (mainly hiking and backpacking). Low interest resulted in poor sales. Though Taiwan’s mountains still have a lot of offer, people are losing interest because they only treat it as a sightseeing experience that is more physically demanding, and generally do not want to spend more time on the cultural and historical aspects of the mountains, which are unique to Taiwan due to a troubled past that is not too long ago.

Someone’s got to write about it, and I can do it. The article might not be read by a lot of people, but I’ll post it on my personal blog too. Someday, people will be interested to know what was going on at that moment.


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