201907282359Videos for Wedding

Well, where do I begin? Since I do have some experience, I took the responsibility of making our own wedding videos, which once seemed quite a formidable task. However, thanks to Z’s timely recommendation of a video maker website, we were able to start working on the 1st video from scratch.

The second video, however, remained a mystery because I only had very vague ideas about how the end product would look like, to Z’s displeasure. We had recorded many videos during our latest road trip, but still I wasn’t sure how to make use of them—how to connect them in a way that is meaningful.

The main problem was, I didn’t have a script in place when I recorded the videos. It would be a catastrophe if I couldn’t deliver a video on time, or deliver a crappy video that makes guests scratch their heads … damn. Let’s think on this and hurry up.


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