201901222359Most Shared Milestone

I was first surprised to see the news of a woman, nicknamed “Bikini Hiker,” who was then approaching the end of a long hike, called for help via a satellite phone after a fall. The surprise soon turned to shock and disbelief after I arrived in Beijing, and saw the news stating that she was found dead by the rescue party.

Shock and disbelief indeed. As far as I know, she’s a very capable hiker who reportedly spent over 100 days in the mountains last year, and this is nothing but a tragedy and a huge loss to the hiking communities in Taiwan, because she’s been running a Facebook page sharing her adventures and celebratory photos (in which she usually wears bikini) taken on top of mountains, giving people inspirations that even a petite woman like her could achieve things alone which ordinary person couldn’t do.

Seeing the news are circulating wide and far in the society, I knew it was about time to write something, lest controversies revolving her would lead the public opinion astray and cast a deeper shadow on our country’s outdoor recreation environment. Immediately I spent an afternoon revising a draft that I wrote right after I learned of her unfortunately fall (she was believed to be alive at that time) and posted the article on my page.

It became my most shared Facebook post to date, hitting some well-known news pages as well as a former minister/writer. Irrational comments showed up as expected, but the supportive voices far outweighed those of the unenlightened. A whopping success for a blogger, I must say, but I just wrote what I truly felt.


More work is to be done. My dad used to say a person wielding a pen changes the world more than anyone else. Now I’m beginning to see the truth in that.


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