201710192359[WSCE]Arrived in Macau

Just 2 days after returning from my Okinawa trip, I was on the move again, and this time was for business. Remember the event that I wrote about some time ago? Any award winner is eligible for taking part in WSCE (apparently funded by the Macau government), representing Taiwan’s entrepreneur—for free. I decided to take a look.

A bus took us from the airport (I noticed Portuguese is an official language) to The Landmark Macau, a 5-star hotel, and there the staff of ICET told us what to keep in mind and gave out the papers and documents. I shared a room with the young man who sat next to me at the banquet in Taipei. Afterwards, we dined together in a hall downstairs.

Chatting with strangers began, and I realized I had brought only 4 cards to Macau. What a monumental mistake. So long, networking.

Big event tomorrow.


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