201603042359I am a Scoundrel

[2016/3/4]聖殿季賽 - Team PLG

I think I am an utter scoundrel. Upon ending a conversation with a playful tone, I was deeply ashamed of having said those things and had such morbid intention. Mentally agitated, I knew I had to make a decision to prevent such embarrassment from happening again. I signed out and swore never to return.

Sometimes, parted ways are the best outcome. If you certainly cannot refrain yourself from doing something familiar, pleasurable but harmful, you can at least try to curb it at its source. Shun the casino, and maybe you’ll stop gambling. No excuses. Don’t, ever, wander into it again and seek futile justification. You are a scoundrel, but there’s always a chance for redemption.


Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be. Whisper the words of wisdom. Let it be.




Compared to the “scoundrel,” the match starting at 9 seems all too unimportant. We beat them with ease.



I feel better. Yes, I am a scoundrel. Admit that. Face yourself. Move toward the right general direction. Not a damn about the past.


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