繼2011年在上海舉辦中國區授証廠商會議後, PPG

於2012年在成都舉辦會議, 有一百多位來自東南各


西部地區已是中國未來主要發展的地區, PPG在會




PPG hosts building materials conference in Chengdu

Bolsters construction market, promotes industry exchange

Willie Wu, PPG vice president, industrial coatings, Asia Pacific, addresses conference participants. (Click here for additional photos.)

July 31, 2012

PPG’s industrial coatings business recently hosted a customer conference in Chengdu, China, to exchange ideas on fluoropolymer coatings and curtain walls.

More than 100 guests from design institutes, real estate developers and curtain wall manufacturers in Southwest China attended, and the conference received generous assistance from Sichuan Seven Color Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Cities in the western region, led by Chengdu, have seen tremendous economic growth the past few years in response to China's Western Development Strategy and accelerated urbanization. This growth has fueled development of the regional construction industry. PPG planned a customer conference in Chengdu after hosting a DURANAR(R) coatings certified applicator conference in Shanghai in 2011. With a theme of supporting the development of the construction industry in Western China, the conference offered attendees suggestions on how to supply more diversified and higher-quality products to the construction market and highlighted the performance and high-profile applications of Duranarfluoropolymer coatings by PPG.

"High-quality products and superb service constitute two pillars of PPG's success in China," said Willie Wu, PPG vice president, industrial coatings, Asia Pacific. “As the western region becomes a major center for growth in China's construction industry, we are bringing state-of-the-art technologies and proven experience into this region in a bid to provide the best protective solutions for more buildings.

“Currently, the warranty of our fluoropolymer coating products can extend up to 20 years or longer, and PPG is committed to accelerating its development of ‘green’ coatings to address customers’ desire for these products.”

PPG introduced fluoropolymer coatings for use in the construction market more than 40 years ago, and today it is the world’s largest manufacturer of these coatings. Its signature Duranarcoatings provide outstanding resistance to weathering, UV (ultraviolet) radiation, acid and humidity, making them ideal for use on structures in coastal areas. They are well suited for use on doors, window frames, curtain wall and other architectural features.

Duranarcoating products help protect landmark buildings in China such as the Beijing Great Hall of the People, the New CCTV Building, Beijing’s Capital International Airport and Shanghai’s World Financial Center. Applications in the western region include projects such as the Chengdu East Railway Station, Chengdu’s Shuangliu International Airport Terminal Two building, the Chongqing Rui'an International and the Lhasa Shangri-la Hotel.




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