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Bottled water in your car is very dangerous to women


This is how Sheryl Crow got breast cancer. She was on the Ellen show and said this same exact thing. This has been identified as the most common cause of the high levels in breast cancer、especially in Australia . 

這就是謝莉‧克羅得乳腺癌的原因。 她在上艾倫的節目裡提到這是千真萬確的事情。這已經被鑑定是罹患乳腺癌裡的高危險因素中最常見的原因了,尤其是在澳洲地區。 

A friend whose mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The Doctor told her: women should not drink bottled water that has been left in a car. 

有位朋友的母親最近才被診斷出乳腺癌。 醫生告訴她︰婦女實在不應該喝留放在汽車裡的瓶裝水。 

The doctor said that the heat and the plastic of the bottle have certain chemicals that can lead to breast cancer. So please be careful and do not drink bottled water that has been left in a car、and、pass this on to all the women in your life. This information is the kind we need to know and be aware of and it just might save a life. 

這醫生還說熱能和塑膠瓶子兩者遇在一起就會產生化學物質, 而那些將會導致人們罹患乳腺癌。因此請小心並且千萬不要喝留放在車子裡頭的瓶裝水. 請把這信息傳遞給你生命中的所有女性親友。這是一則或許可以拯救一個生命的訊息, 我們不只應該知道, 而且要多加小心.

The heat causes toxins from the plastic to leak into the water and they have found these toxins in breast tissue. Use a stainless steel Canteen or a glass bottle when you can!!! 

熱能釋放出塑膠裡的有毒物質後,這些物質就滲入到了水裡頭,而人們的胸部組織裡頭竟然就發現了這種毒素。所以如果可以的話,切記改用不鏽鋼杯或是玻璃瓶都好﹗ ! !

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