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機密 限 師訓內部使用 by GaryWang

Hello, everyone! My name is Gary. It is my honor to be here to share a little bit of my teaching experience with you. Due to the time limit, we are going to focus on vocabulary teaching for only 10 minutes. I am going to show you the result of my 20-year research.

In addition, I would like to introduce you to two useful websites that can help you and your students. They are not only for teaching in class but also very useful for our students to utilize these websites so that they can have huge progress.

All right, first thing first. Let's go to Gary's golden triangle. As you can see on the screen. On the top, there is a red triangle. It is very common and popular among English learners. Now, many books are talking about prefixes, suffixes, and roots in the markets.

However, I haven't been able to find any vocabulary books which comprise all three parts we are talking about here. Now let's go to the second part of Gary's golden triangle, the second green triangle down below. It has Bible on the top, mythology on the left, and English literature on the right. They are the three important reading materials or cultural resources of English vocabulary.

Finally, let's move on to the pronunciation part, which is also called Grimm's law. Many people say that they haven't heard Grimm's law before. However, everybody knows Grimm's fairy tales, right? Like Red Riding hood and ugly duckling, they are all written by the Brothers Grimm.

So Grimm's law is also created and researched by the Brothers Grimm almost 200 years ago. They not only wrote many fairy tales but also researched many languages in the world. To conclude, they found some letter combinations that can be interchanged. Later, we called it Grimm's law.

Voila, this is my golden triangle of etymology. In the middle of the picture is etymology and prefix, suffix, and roots are on the top. Down left are the cultural resources, including Bible, mythology, and English literature. Thirdly, Grimm's law shows the phonetic changes of words throughout history.

Now let's move on to the website part. Speaking of etymology, this website is essential for researching the roots of English words; it's called an online etymology dictionary.

For example, let's try one TOEFL word-atheist. It says in the 1570s, godless person one who denies the existence of a supreme intelligent being to whom a moral obligation is due, from French as they stay from great efforts, meaning without god denying the gods abandoned of the gods...

Now we know it means a person without god or a person who denies god, okay, that's why we call him or her an atheist. This is website number one and then website number two-dict.cn. I know there are lots of good online dictionaries out there. Yet, after testing nearly 30 websites. This is the one I recommend to my students because it has many functions, especially for Chinese-speaking English learners.

This url is pretty easy. It's dict dot cn, dict means dictionary CN, of course, is in China. All right, so without the consideration of politics, I strongly recommend this website to your students.

For example, let's use produce. As you can see on the screen by typing a few letters. It gives you the word groups of the same beginning letters. I just type p r o d u, and it gives me product production. Produce produced productive and so on. This is a very handy online dictionary that also has an APP to install.

Finally, let's come back to Gary's golden triangle once again. Firstly we need to be able to analyze words, of course, not 100% of English words can be analyzed according to prefix suffix and roots, but at least 75 to 80% of English words can be analyzed like this.

In addition to that, we can tell some Bible stories, mythology stories, and English literature stories. I'll give you one example when I teach the word cigarette. If you are in the classroom with a computer screen and projector, then you can just type it on the screen. It's very easy for students to memorize it because you show them on the screen. We remember what we see.

Okay, let's see the word cigarette; if you look at the word closely then you can find something interesting. We can cut the word cigarette into two parts. The first part is a cigar. The second part is ette. Everybody knows a cigar is a bigger size cigarette and -et means small when you have a suffix like -ette, it means especially tiny. As a result, a cigarette means a tiny cigar.

By doing so students don't have to work hard to memorize English vocabulary, instead, by understanding the parts of each English word and their stories of it as well. One story I share a lot is the one of Sigmund Freud. You know the famous psychiatrist, yeah, Sigmund Freud who talked about ego superego id conscious subconscious, unconscious those kinds of things.

According to the story I read about doctor Freud. He liked to talk about sexual relationships. As we know from the historical records, DR. Freud loved smoking cigars. All right, we now have two Information like this. According to DR. Freud, each person undergoes different kinds of phases or stages of his or her childhood and one is the oral stage.

One day, a student of doctor Freud asked the question, doctor Freud, as you told us, our later life behaviors are heavily related to our childhood experience. So could you please tell us why you love smoking cigars so much maybe it's heavily related to your early childhood experience?

This is a question raised by a student of Doctor Freud. And Dr. Freud replied with a very famous sentence, and the sentence overthrew all his theories because doctor Freud said Kid sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

According to what doctor Freud said, we can jump to the conclusion that all his theories are just... you know haha...because sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. All right. That is one example by telling the story of doctor Freud and by explaining analyzing the parts of the word cigarette, students can easily understand the part of the word and they can remember the words easily as well.

This is the kind of teaching skill by using the golden triangle method in vocabulary teaching. All right, it's about time, my name is Gary and. I'm grateful to have the chance to share this with all of you if there is a chance for us to have further communication or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. I would like to interact with all of you and answer your questions and if you need all kinds of information /materials, I will be really happy to share all my materials with you as well. Okay, that's all for today. Thank you very much. See you around, bye-bye.

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