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    極地馬拉松 成績(更新中)

    Update - Thursday 8th April at 01.00 (GMT)

    The last competitor has just crossed the finish line of the 2010 North Pole Marathon with Joep Rozendal from Holland winning the men's event and Emer Dooley from Ireland taking first place in the women's race.

    The start time of the 2010 North Pole Marathon was 15.00 (GMT) with weather conditions that presented some challenges to the runners. The wind gusted to 45km/hr which had an effect on both the temperature and visibility. With wind chill, competitors were running in temperatures that dropped to -20 degrees celsius. In addition to this, the wind also led to drifting snow which made for poor contrasts and less than ideal visiblity.

    Competitors are due to leave the North Pole for Longyearbyen later today and a full set of results  will be posted at this time. There were no injuries at this year's marathon and everyone is delighted to of achieved their goal of completing a marathon at the top of the world.


    Men's 2010 North Pole Marathon

    1st    Joep Rozendale   (Netherlands)      5hrs 00min 58sec

    2nd   Rik Vercoe         (Great Britain)     5hrs 07min 30sec

    3rd   Yen-Po Chen      (Taiwan)             5hrs 29min 47sec


    Women's 2010 North Pole Marathon

    1st     Emer Dooley       (Ireland)             5hrs 56min 54sec

    2nd    Julia Tizard          (Great Britain)    7hrs 31min 05sec

    3rd     Sarah Oilphant    (USA)                7hrs 48min 14sec


    Update - Tuesday 6th April 13.40 (GMT)

    The competitors departed for the North Pole earlier this morning. The take off time was 08.25 GMT. The flight time was 2 hours 15 minutes (approx). They are currently at Camp Barneo and conditions are good. The expected start time for the marathon is Wednesday 7th April at 09.00 GMT.


    The results of the 2010 North Pole Marathon will be posted here as soon as possible after the event. The race is scheduled to occur on 7 April 2010.

    For Race Info: Please contact Richard Donovan
    For Photos: Please contact Mike King
    For Video: Please contact Pat Comer

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