The special equipment list is almost exorbitant for times at that time: Zentralverriegelung (negative pressure-steered), Tempomat, light alloy aluminum wheels, leather or Velourspolster, noble timber claddings, climatic mechanism, Airbag starting from 1983, el. Window lifter (2 or quadruple), el. Steel sun roof, el. Antenna, Becker Stereo radio with cartridge and 4 loudspeakers (control by electronic fade-in/fade-out controls), Color laminated glass, Microphaser Heckscheibenheitzung, in-car telephone, folding central arm rest, tachometer and and and...

特別設備名單是幾乎過高時期那時: Zentralverriegelung (陰性壓力被操縱), Tempomat 、輕的合金鋁輪子、皮革或Velourspolster, 高尚的木材金屬, 高潮機制, 氣袋從1983 , el 開始。窗口起重器(2 或變成四倍), el 。鋼太陽屋頂, el 。天線, 貝克爾立體聲收音機與彈藥筒和4 臺擴音器(控制由電子褪色in/fade 控制), 顏色被碾壓的玻璃, Microphaser Heckscheibenheitzung, 在汽車電話, 摺疊的中央胳膊休息, 車頭表和和和...

As much to it, now to the weaknesses:
The interior is not to be examined alone for optical lack, because water in the W123 is quite a leidiges topic.
Together with the mentioned lambent sun roof box framework
a floor panel through-rusted under the PVC underbody protection up to the bad stage is the reason for a merciless water break-down - therefore: always under the carpets also in the back looks and after dampness feels!
And: long no more all equipment elements are to be gotten. Series colors from 1976 to 1980 are not to be had as well as more again. The placing elements of the zentralverriegelung will
will break gladly leaky, Tempomatregler fail, the leather fragilly and seat feathers/springs einstweil, sun roofs hook up to the opening oeffnungsverweigerung, el. Window lifters become difficult to operate and the compressors of the air conditioning system are leaky, as well as solving wood trim by interior heat and clever instrument panels (particularly the blue) owing to Colorverglasung lacking. ' dancing ' TAC hone aristocracy because of a ausgenudelten Tachowelle can be neglected against it nearly.

一樣對它, 現在對弱點: 內部不將單獨被審查為光學缺乏, 因為水在W123 是相當leidiges 題目。與地板盤區通過生鏽在PVC 動物下體保護下由壞階段決定的被提及的閃爍的太陽屋頂箱子框架一起是一次殘忍的水故障的原因- 因此: 總在地毯之下並且在後面神色和在潮陰陰以後感覺! 並且: 長沒有其他所有設備元素不將被得到。系列顏色從1976 年到1980 不將有並且再。zentralverriegelung 的安置的元素fragilly 將願斷裂高興地漏, Tempomatregler 失敗, 皮革並且位子feathers/springs einstweil, 太陽屋頂鉤由開頭oeffnungsverweigerung, el 決定。窗口起重器變得難經營並且空調系統的壓縮機是漏的, 並且解決木修剪由內部熱並且聰明的儀表盤(特殊藍色) 由於Colorverglasung 缺乏' 跳舞' TAC 細磨刀石貴族政府由於a ausgenudelten Tachowelle 可能幾乎被忽略反對它。

Beautifully if as small details are still presentas the tools, the document briefcase or the Schluesselmaeppchen. Nevertheless, no spare part supply, all the same whether again or uses, is as good and rich, as favorable with the Mercedes W123 - some parts, some expensive.

美妙地如果作為小細節是寂靜的presentas 工具、文件公文包或Schluesselmaeppchen 。然而, 沒有備件供應, 所有是否再或用途, 像好和富有是, 和一樣有利與Mercedes W123 - 一些零件, 一些昂貴。

They are durable and long-lived on average basicaway - the Diesels from 200, 220, 240 to 300 are legendary and drive into
Africa still eternally over the 500.000sten km outside. The Benziner can keep up during good attitude even still today with current Spritverbrauchswerten (200, 230E approx.. Cut 10L), only the large carburetor models, like the 250 or the 280/280C is expressed ' drunkards ' however today Exoten already looked for. In addition it comes still that owing to ' old ' workshop knowledge lacking errors in the carburetor plant are still correctly diagnosed hardly.
Conscientiously kept oil filter and oil change intervals presupposed, are to be kept only few points with the Benzinern in the back of the head:
- is
more favorablewith the M102 -4-Zylinder (200, 230E/CE) an open-loop system change before reaching the 180 to 200tsd km, than bent valves by a chain tear. In addition also the kettenspanner including carriages with change. With 200 the ATF level of the Vergassers should be controlled regularly. With both at the 3en discharge opening tore gladly the elbow union , which leads with vehicles with g-Kat gladly to increased consumption owing to wrong engine regulation by the Lambdasonde.
- are
recommendablewith the M110 -6-Zylinder (280/280E) an exchange of the valve stem seals around 200tkm. A ' factory-installed Inkontinenz ' at the cam shaft box, which is not sealed even with Mercedes simply economically and effectively with something silicone - a reason to the concern. Additionally gladly the front crankshaft sealing ring and the oil pan are leaky.

引擎他們是耐久和長壽命的在平均basicaway - Diesels 200, 220, 240 300 仍然是傳奇和驅動進入非洲永恆地在500.000sten 公里外面。Benziner 可能甚而仍然跟上在好態度期間今天與當前的Spritverbrauchswerten (200, 230E 大約。切開10L), 只有大氣化器模型, 250 280/280C 然而今天是表達的' 醉漢' Exoten 已經被尋找。另外它來那由於' '

車間知識缺乏錯誤在氣化器植物中幾乎不正確地仍然仍然被診斷。純謹被保留的油濾清器和換油間隔時間被預料, 將被保留唯一少量點與Benzinern 在頭背後: - 比彎曲的閥門是更多favorablewith M102 -4-Zylinder (200, 230E/CE) 開放環路的體制改革在到達180 之前對200tsd 公里, 由鏈淚花。另外還kettenspanner 包括支架以變動。與200 Vergassers ATF 水平應該通常被控制。與兩個在3.en 放電開頭高興地撕毀了手肘聯合, 高興地帶領與車以g Kat 增加的消耗量由於錯誤引擎章程由Lambdasonde - recommendablewith M110 -6-Zylinder (280/280E) 閥門桿交換密封大約200tkm ' 設立製造廠的Inkontinenz ' 在凸輪軸箱子, 簡單地經濟上和有效地不被密封與Mercedes 以某事硅樹脂- 一個原因對關心。另外高興地前面曲軸海豹捕獵圓環和油平底鍋是漏的。

With both types applies: Lead replacement is not necessary owing to factory-installed harder valve seats already since the early 70ern. Regularly the valves adjust are important, because Hydrostoessl came only 1985 with the ' 190er '. Zoegerliches launch characteristics is possible with both and often agitates from pressure lacking in the fuel pipe by a defective check valve of the gasoline pump (like cold weather starting valve, warming up automatic controller or auxiliary air slidegate valve is rarer it suspects).

以兩型申請: 主角替換不是必要的由於設立製造廠的更加堅硬的閥門座已經從早期的70ern 。閥門通常調整重要, 因為Hydrostoessl 來了只1985 年與' 190er ' Zoegerliches 發射特徵是可能的與兩個和經常鼓動從壓力缺乏在燃料管子由加油泵的一個瑕疵單向閥(像冷的天氣起動閥, 給自動控制器或輔助空氣slidegate 閥門加熱是更加罕見的它嫌疑犯)

If you cannot be frightened - it is nevertheless clear the fact that all parts can go broken does not have however! And already not all at once; -)
Only one must be made attentive on it. Thus you control everything, carry you forward perhaps still additionally a specialist and meet you then your decision - the better body, is the better car!

With the W123 you acquire an undemanding, durable and ' Youngtimer ' maturing to the classical author, which is fully everyday life and travelsuited.

I wish you much luck with the search!
Florian Diettrich
結果如果您無法被嚇唬- 它是然而確切事實所有零件可能是打破沒有然而! 並且已經不同時; -) 只你必須使殷勤對此。因而您控制一切, 或許仍然運載您今後另外專家和遇見您然後您的決定- 更好的身體, 是更好的汽車!


W123 您獲取undemanding, 耐久性和' Youngtimer ' 成熟對古典作者, 是充分地日常生活和travelsuited


我祝願您運氣以查尋! Florian Diettrich


1維護聯接 2失效水 3 wishbone 4 Schwellerspitze 5根專欄 6附件邊緣7電池金屬板 8敞篷鉸鏈 9 個燈罐 10震動高視闊步大教堂 11門土壤 12個頂起的點 13對角方向盤 14驅動軸 15輪子曲拱


16尾巴圍裙 17C-Saeulenentlueftung  18太陽屋頂箱子 19輪子軸承 20操縱的元素 21門逃命 22前面軌23 Differenzial  24 cardan 25 engine/transmission 陣營 26個停車制動 27車燈 28引擎 29傳輸 30臺窗口起重器

1 maintenance joint
2 expirations of water
3 wishbone
4 Schwellerspitze
5 A-column
6 attachment edge
7 battery sheet metal
8 hood hinges
9 lamp pots
10 shock strut cathedral
11 door soils
12 jacking point
13 diagonal steering wheels
14 drive shaft
15 wheel arches

16 tail apron
17 C-Saeulenentlueftung
18 sun roof
wheel bearings
20 steering element
21 door escape
22 front axle
23 Differenzial
24 cardan shaft
25 engine/transmission camps
26 parking brake
27 headlights
28 engine
29 transmissions
30 window lifters


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