202009101814Why is artificial intelligence important?

Some AI systems have been in use for more than 50 years, but recently, the improvement of computing power, the provision of large amounts of data and new algorithms have brought important AI breakthroughs.

Artificial intelligence is regarded as the core to realize the electronic transformation of culture. Facts have proved that artificial intelligence has become a priority of the European Union.

Long-term plans are expected to bring about tremendous changes, but artificial intelligence has become a trend in our daily lives.

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Different types of AI
Programs: digital assistant, image survey application, search engine, voice and facial area recognition unit
"Embedded" artificial intelligence: robots, self-driving cars, drones, factor net
AI in daily life

Here are some AI purposes you might not notice:

Online browsing and promotion

Comprehensive intelligence is widely used to provide people with personalized recommendations, mainly based on their previous searches and purchases or other examples of network-based behavior. Artificial intelligence is essential in business: optimizing projects, planning inventory, logistics, etc.

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World Wide Web Research

The search engine finds data with a large amount of data provided by its customers to provide suitable search results.

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Digital Personalized Assistant

Smart phones use AI to provide expert services that can be adapted and customized as much as possible. Digital assistants answer questions every day, provide suggestions, and help organize daily work.

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