200712311102Now in Hollywood, LA

The stuff that I typed just now is gone! 

I am now in Hollywood, the Hollywood that you see on TV. I live in a cheap youth hostel here . It costs only usd$18 to stay for a night. This not-so-good hostel is the worst I have ever lived. 

I took a Greyhound bus from SF to LA yesterday. It took 8 hours to finish the drive. The bus driver was funny. That made the long drive more interesting. 

Yesterday evening, I had dinner with my college friend, Wei-hsin, in the Korean District. We had delicious Korean Bar B.Q. there. We talked a lot, and I can't believe 40 days pass so soon that I don't even remember exactly where I have been and what happened during these days. 

Tonight, I will have dinner in Santa Monica with my aunt and her husband, who have live in California for 10 years. I have to have dinner tonight because I am flying to Tokyo Japan tomorrow afternoon!
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