201802250244《TAIPEI TIMES》 Minister of justice involved in minor fender bender

2018-02-20 03:00

By Hsieh Chun-lin / Staff reporter

Minister of Justice Chiu Tai-san (邱太三) was involved in a car accident in Taichung on Sunday when his vehicle bumped into a taxi in博客來 front of it.

No one was injured, but the rear of the taxi in front was damaged slightly.

Chiu and the taxi driver took breath tests and officials said the test showed that alcohol was not involved.

“A bump brings good luck,” Chiu said, adding that he had attended an event with President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) to distribute hongbao (紅包), or lucky red envelopes, at a temple earlier that day, and was headed to a get-together with old friends from senior high school, when the accident occurred.

Chiu said he had apologized to the taxi driver and offered him NT$5,000 compensation to cover repairs to a dent to the rear of the taxi, but the driver said he had to report the damage to the police for his insurance company, so they called the police.

“It was my error in judgement,” Chiu 博客來書店網路書局said.

The minister said he saw the traffic light ahead turn from green to yellow, and he assumed that the vehicle in front of him would speed up to pass through the intersection before the light turned red, but instead it stopped and he did not hit the brakes in time to avoid hitting it.


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