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Period of Releasing Past traumas...


How to RELEASE these emotions and cleanse yourself?

這是你走向完美健康的旅程上的最重要一步之一。一切始於你, 持續於你,終結於你。
This is one of THE MOST important steps that you are going to take in your journey to perfect health. It all begins with you, continues with you and ends with you.


YOU are the one that is creating your reality and only YOU can ever get rid of your own karma. It’s an incredibly easy and yet debilitating hard thing to do, because when you are going to be going through this exercise you are going to be re- living all the traumas, all the unfairness’s, all the anger, and guilt, and fear of the past, BUT it’s a necessary process for you to go through in order to get to the level of health that you are seeking to get to.





Find a quiet place, get a note pad, or sit by the computer, now sit down and breathe in deeply.
Focus on your breathing and as you do so, begin remembering your whole life from the day that you were born.






如果什麼話你希望自己能夠在曾經那一刻對某人說出來, 你需要現在就釋放出來,大聲想說的話,彷彿那個人就站在那裡,告訴他們所有你想說的話。

Write down EVERYTHING about your life, all the negative experiences that you have ever had, just start writing them down.

Allow everything to pour out of you, all the thoughts, all the emotions that you are going to go through, weather you believe that someone has done you wrong, write down all the negatives about that person, what do you feel, and why do you feel that way.
Go through each and every single emotion and keep writing it all down. You are probably going to find yourself crying, and that is good, you need to release all of this pain that you have been carrying with you, that has been weighting you down all these years.

If there was something that you wished to say to someone at that moment in time, you are going to need to release that now, speak out loud, pretend that that person is standing there and tell them all that you wanted to say.




最重要的步驟之一 原諒



Here’s one of the most important steps – FORGIVE – once you have released this situation you need to consciously analyze the reasons behind it, have you acted in some way to attract this situation to yourself, what was the other person trying to teach you.

Try and remember and understand that even if the situation was dire there must have been a very valuable lesson for you in that situation, even if you perceive the person to be your “enemy” it is only a perception, as each of us comes into this life to teach the other person something and to be taught by others.

Even if you think that another person was causing you harm, and even if they were, the point of here now is not to keep holding on to this situation or feeling but to completely and utterly LET GO of it.






For example, how many times have you had an “evil” teacher or a boss give you a bad grade or yell at you at work, or push you, and how many times did their prodding and pushing create an environment from which you simply HAD to run, you HAD to do something to change your life, because what they created for you was a very sharp nail, on which you no longer could sit. Sometimes the worst people on our path are the best thing that could ever happen to us, as they push us in the right direction and teach us by doing so.







Another example of letting go of the trigger would be you were dating someone, and you had a special song, you then had a terrible fight and broke up, say you loved that person at that time and thought you couldn’t be without them, but you broke up, years went by and all of a sudden you found yourself listening to this song on the radio. IF you did not deal with your emotions back then and did not let go of all the perceived pain and suffering that you went through when you broke up, that song on the radio will start to tear you apart again.

But should you have let go of all the painful emotions and simply looked at it as a very interesting experience that you’ve had that propelled your soul further,you would then have listened to this song and either not paid attention to it at all, or had a bitter sweet smile on your face remembering the past for a moment, being grateful for that experience and moving on with your day without being paralyzed with anger, sadness and self pity.

All of these are just simple examples of what each of us goes through each day, but it’s important to apply this to your own experiences at all times.

SO 重 要 的 是 !!!!

原諒他們對你來說非常的重要,並不是為了他們,而完全是為了你自己 !


So it’s incredibly important for you to forgive them, NOT FOR THEIR SAKE, but for your very own, because whatever you think of them doesn’t matter to them. What matters is what YOU THINK about any given situation, and if you STOP DWELLING on the past, if you stop living in that moment of pain, but release the TRIGGER and move on with your life, you will no longer be plagued by these painful memories. 

💙 STEP 4 💜💜💜








作為回流,我請求在所有層面都享有豐盛,在所有層面都享有愛,在所有層面都享有和平,在所有層面都享有感恩, 享有我所希望的、我所擁護的和我相信的一切。

因為我是純潔的,因為我是紫色火焰,因為我是愛,因為我是完美的,因為我充滿力量,因為我就是愛, 我就是善。

Once you write everything down and release each and every single situation from your psyche its’ time to wrap it up.

DO NOT RE-READ what you wrote. NEVER RE- READ IT.

You do not need to keep going through these experiences, you need to do this one time and fully release yourself from everything. Start with age 1 to present and keep going and never look back. Once you are done and there is no longer anything left in you.

You are to print out these words or collect your notes, hold them in your hands and say the following:

“I am deleting these emotions, feelings, acquired emotions and feelings from my life, now and forever more, now and forever, without any judgment for all involved, without any fear, for fear does not exist only love exists.

I am sending these words into the light for healing and transmutation, for healing and transformation, for healing and love, and to the father and mother of all of the creation to the source of all that is, and in return I ask to be blessed with abundance on all levels, love on all levels, peace on all levels, gratitude on all levels, and everything else I wish and stand for and believe in.

For I am pure for I am the violet flame, for I am love, for I am perfect, for I am powerful, for I am love itself, and goodness itself.

For I am loved and loved I am.”





等這些紙都燒完,你的眼前只剩下灰燼,黑色的灰燼, 請你把它們扔掉,你可以把它們埋在後院或者統統扔進垃圾桶裡,這堆污垢不再屬於你了。


Take these papers and set them into your sink then light them on fire, if fire gets out of hand you can always splash water on it in order to stop it. As the papers burn, keep thinking that you are releasing all of this anger, frustrations, misunderstanding, jealousy, greed, fear, all the negative emotions are being cleansed out of you, and are being transformed by fire and taken into the light where they will be cleansed and returned back to you as joy, happiness, prosperity, love, understanding, humility, balance, harmony, passion, abundance.

Once the papers finish burning, you will have only ashes remain, black ashes throw them out, you can burry this in your back yard or simply toss them into the garbage, as this pile of dirt no longer belongs to you.

You have completely been cleansed out of everything, and there is nothing stopping you from truly connecting to your true beautiful self full of only love and light!

Love all & Serve all


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