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Summer vacation is on the way! If you want to go to the Pingtung Donggang + Little Liuqiu, here are some bargain travel tours for you!

I love offshore islands in particularly, because you can see scenery totally different from Taiwan, such as Pingtung Little Liuqiu which is so called "Taiwan Okinawa". You can go there for waves jumping, scuba diving, kayaking and eating seafood. That’s how you should spend your amazing summer vacation!

I’ve been to Pingtung many times, visiting Kenting, Hengchun, Houbi Lake, and now Donggang for the second time. A foodie like me, of course wouldn’t miss the chance to get delicious local food in Donggang before I visit Little Liuqiu.

But things like where to eat, where to get transportation and where to get on boat that are very confusing for those who is afraid of making choice. Therefore, I recommend the cheapest and exclusive travel tour package, Donggang/ Little Liuqiu/ Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package.

The packages provide not only attractions and delicious food of Donggang, Little Liuqiu and Dapeng Bay, and also take care of transportation, such as return boat tickets for Little Liuqiu or local electric scooter rentals. There are a variety of packages. People no longer need to search for attractions and worry about local transportation, just purchase different packages according to their needs.

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Simply choose a tour, you’ll be able to visit the most authentic attractions and eat the best local food that local people go for. Just remember it’ll be the cheapest deal you can find! And it’s also paper-free, you can finish the whole tour using super environmentally friendly QR code of E-Travel tour package and riding electric scooters. It’s really something people should learn from.

First, let me introduce how to use Donggang, Little Liuqiu and Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package. It’s super easy! For someone who is not so into 3C products like me, find it easy to use. The picture below is the image you’ll get when you start purchasing procedure.

The website of Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package provides the most convenient and time-saving service from purchase online to redeem actual service. If you finish purchasing as a login member, the system will automatically send exclusive order details and QR code to you. You only need to show your QR code to the shop to redeem services. During the purchase procedure, you can also book the date of service in advance, so you can experience prioritized and guaranteed service.

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The tour package uses exclusive QR code to replace paper ticket, so you no longer need any paper for it. You can go through the whole tour with QR code. Just remember to save the code after your purchase.

I joined the following two tour packages this time, they covered all the transportation, delicious local food and attractions for my two days trip in Donggang + Little Liuqiu.

‘July and August limited summer promotion’ cheap Little Liuqiu ‘Return boat tickets + electric scooter rentals+ shore kayaking’

Three hours Donggang Delicious Local Food Trip, minimun10 people per group.

Next, I will introduce what I ate, where I went and how I rent scooter through Donggang, Little Liuqiu and Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package.

I’ll start with Three Hours Donggang Delicious Local Food Trip of which you will get a tour guy with a minimum 10 people group.

The original price is NTD800, now it’s only NTD599. Make sure to seize this opportunity!

You can check the price yourself. It’s certainly cheaper than if you rent scooter and get the same food all separately by yourself.

The tour package includes:

1. Donggang environmentally friendly electric scooter for 3 hours per 2 people, extra NTD100 is need for single person, (original NTD200).

2. Donggang delicious local food, Taiwanese shrimp meatballs, rice cake with minced pork, Chinese herb tea, marlin fish Oden rolls, shaved ice with sakura shrimp, and a foodie must eat personal sashimi set, (original NTD400).

3. Local tour guide, (original NTD200).

The three hours Donggang mini trip first started with meeting at Dapeng Bay Hotel and getting on the environmentally friendly electric scooter, then having Taiwanese shrimp meatballs in the market, checking out fisherman’s Donglong Temple, having Chinese herb tea in front of the temple, eating local delicious food rice cake with minced pork, checking all size of fishes in the fish market and fishing boats at the harbor, having Oden rolls at Huaqiao Market, getting a foodie must eat sashimi set, and finally eating the unique shaved ice with sakura shrimp. The tour was finished with return of the scooter.

【Donggang authentic Taiwanese meatball】

My friend had taken me to this decades-old shop many years ago, so I know it’s really an authentic shop.

The meatballs are usually served with three pieces, including pork meatballs and shrimp meatballs two different flavor.

This shop also sells different types of sausages all hand made by the owner, including pork sausage, sticky rice sausage, and the unique sausage stuffed with tuna which is the one and only tuna sausage in Taiwan!

There are many old shops at the 2nd public retail market in Donggang, and this seventy-years-old shop is also popular for local people.


【Dong Long Tong Herb Tea + Gui Ling Gao】

The Donggang King Boat Ceremony is held every 3 years in Dong Long Temple. It’s a very popular event in Taiwan and also an important event in Donggang besides Bluefin tuna cultural festival.

The big archway covered with gold foils at the temple is the biggest archway in Taiwan. It’s super luxury!

There are usually a lot of popular snacks located near temples in Taiwan. Here, you can find Dong Long Tang Chinese herb tea, Gui Ling Gao, and Self-heal grass tea.

The sun in the south is very strong as everyone knows, so make sure to drink a lot of water when traveling there. One tip to avoid getting heat stroke is to drink something health and refreshing, like Chinese herb tea or Self-heal spike tea. Self-heal spike is actually the main ingredient for making Cooling tea. The popular Wong Lo Kat’s tea in China or those Cooling tea shops in Guangzhou all use Self-heal spike to make their Cooling tea.

Gui Ling Gao is a secret recipe for facial care. It’s served with a pack of honey at the shop, and I personally think it’s a bit bitter. Of course I used the whole pack of honey when I ate it since I always take sugar with my coffee, haha!

【Donggang Yanpu Qiaotou Rice Cake With Minced Pork】 This popular local shop is located on Zhongshan Road in Donggang. It only sells two simple items, which is rice cake with minced pork and pig-blood soup. When it comes to rice cake with minced pork, most tourists usually go to those well-promoted shops. But this is the one that local people go for. 

The cake is made of indica rice, with some shrimps, sausages and meat slices it becomes the delicious breakfast in Donggang. It can be served dry or in soup.

詳細內文請點進 屏東東港●東港鹽埔橋頭肉粿●在地人吃的店,不用人擠人/食尚玩家推薦/乾、湯都隨意


Rui Zi Hao’s marlin fish oden rolls at Huaqiao Market

There are also a lot popular snacks of Donggang located in Huaqiao Market. And this is one of most popular ones. The Oden rolls are made of marlin fish, made and fried right there at the shop. You can smell it when you’re close to the shop, and the great smell will totally make you feel hungry.

If you look carefully, there are even eggs in it. It’s crispy on the outside, juicy and tender inside. It really deserves its great reputation! You will want more after having one!

【Wang Jiang Sashimi】

Located in Huaqiao Market, it’s popular for its bargain sashimi. Don’t miss it If you’re a sashimi lover. You’ll find the beautiful owner concentrating on her work while you’re there.

Check out the good quality of Bluefin tuna yourself, the fat is evenly disturbed on this Kame, also known as O-toro.

And look at the picture below, the upper abdomen melts in my mouth right after I put in.

For those who join the tour, the shop offers an ‘in house set’, and it’s put together only for the tour.



【shaved ice with sakura shrimp at the information station】

I noticed a yellow sign being hanged outside of some shops during my trip, and found out those shops provide information for tourists in case they need any help. It’s super sweet!

These information stations are usually located in the popular local shops which have air-conditioning on. You can find travel information about Donggang and Little Liuqiu, and get some brochures. If you have questions about the tour package, you can also find your answer there.

Wei-I Foodstuff Company is located across street from Donggang Port where you can take boats to Little Liuqiu. Up until September last year, the tourist bureau held a popularity competition between all the information stations to find out the most hospitable and popular information station. And Wei-I Foodstuff Company at Donggang township in Pingtung County received the most votes.

Everyone who purchases the tour package can get a free bowl of brown sugar flavor shaved ice with sakura shrimp, the one and only shaved ice in Taiwan.

Can you image the mixed taste of sweet and savory in shaved ice? The smell of almonds and sakura shrimp is so good. This is limited to the tour package user only.

The owner of Wen Yi food, Liu Kaifen said that she was always introducing places to go and eat for tourists from Hong Kong and Japan even before their shop became an information station. Her mother also wrote a note in Chinese saying “I want to go to Hengchun Art Village, please let me know when we get there” for a female tourist from Germany, so she could show it to people on the bus and get to her destination. The tourist was very touched and kept saying she would definitely visit Taiwan again.

After eating all the food in Donggang, I was so full that I almost couldn’t move. Now let me tell you how to get to Little Liuqiu.

‘July and August Summer vacation limited promotion’, Bargain Little Liuqiu ‘return boat tickets + electric scooter rental + kayak’ only NTD899.

The tour package includes:

1. Donggang to Little Liuqiu return boat tickets by Tai Fu Ship, original NTD410.

2. Little Liuqiu Isuda’s green and environmentally friendly scooter, original NTD300 for 8 hours per 2 people, extra NTD100 will be charged for single person.

3. Little Liuqiu Kayak Tour, original NTD600.

The over NTD1,210 worth of tour package cost only NTD899 now! It’s July and August summer vacation limited promotion, and it’s valid until 31st of December 2017. Don’t miss it!

If you check the price, you would know it’s much cheaper to get this tour package than renting a scooter, buying boats tickets and getting kayak all separately by yourself.

This was my first experience of kayaking, and it was so much fun. I recommend you to try it too. I found it very easy even though I am very bad at sport. You don’t even need to be able to swim.

【Donggang to Little Liuqiu by Tai Fu Ship】

To go to Little Liuqiu, you need to take a boat from Donggang.

For boat timetable please refer to: http://liuqiu.pthg.gov.tw/liuqiu/web_tw.php?prog=traffic&view=sail

Tai Fu’s boats depart from Donggang to Liuqiu once about every1.5 hours from 07:30 to 17:00 daily. Please check timetable for precise depart time.

Return from Little Liuqiu to Donggang once every 1 to 2 hours from 08:00 to 17:30 daily. Please check timetable for precise return time.

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You can go directly in after the staffs at the counter scan your QR code when you arrive, 

and pass boarding gate to get to the boat.

The boat is very stable, so it doesn’t really matter if you take medicine for seasick or not. It’s not shaky at all.

The ship has upper and lower decks which can take in a lot of passengers.The whole boat was full when I visited in July, and most of them tourist.

By the way, the boat ride to Little Liuqiu was only about 40 minutes!

※If you want to know more information about delicious food and fun attractions, please click on the official Facebook fan page of Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package. There will be gifts waiting for you!

It’s very important to protect yourself from the sun when visiting offshore islands of Taiwan. Sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen are all essential, and the most important thing is to drink plenty of water, or you’ll get heat stroke easily.

【Little Liuqiu Isuda’s green and environmentally friendly scooter】

After getting off the boat, you can walk to the electric scooter rental place within 10 minutes.

Helmets are prepared for every scooter. Again, simply scan your QR code to redeem your service.

Show the QR code in your phone for the staff there to scan, and you’re good to get on a scooter to go. The staff will show you when to charge battery and how to ride it. You can also charge or swap battery there. It’s all very easy, so I’ll skip the details, let you learn it while you’re there.

Show the QR code in your phone for the staff there to scan, and you’re good to get on a scooter to go. The staff will show you when to charge battery and how to ride it. You can also charge or swap battery there. It’s all very easy, so I’ll skip the details, let you learn it while you’re there.

【Little Liuqiu Kayak Tour】

My first time rowing a kayak was dedicated to this trip. I was a bit nervous and panicky before the tour started because I can’t swim.

I realized you don’t need to know how to swim to row a kayak after this experience. It takes no time to learn how to row even if you never try rowing any boat before, but you must wear a life jacket.

Coaches there will teach everyone how to paddle first, how to go left or go right, it’s all super easy, and it’s not that easy to flip the whole boat. You can store your belongings at the shop, and go straight to the sea with your lifejacket on.

The location for kayaking is not at where you check in.

You’ll have to ride your scooter to get there. But it’s quite close, just 10 minutes drive away.

The coach cancelled snorkeling because it was a little bit wavy that day, but it was ok for kayaking.

We have to try snorkeling next time because we saw green turtles swimming by our kayak that day which made us so excited.

There’s definitely higher chance to see green turtles if you go snorkeling in the water.

Of course, before we went on the kayak, the coach repeated the following instructions again.

1. If you keep your kayak vertical to waves, it wouldn’t flip over. Do not make it parallel with waves, or it will flip over easily.

2. There is a boat in the sea to look after everyone’s safety. Wave your paddle in the air if you have any problem, they will drive over immediately. For example, if your kayak flips over or you’re too tired to paddle, they will immediately put you on the boat, it’s all very safe.

3. I do not recommend you to bring camera. If you want to bring your phone, make sure to prepare a waterproof pouch. It’s better to use a pouch with neck strap, so that you can secure it in front of your chest.

4. There will definitely be water in the bottom kayak, hence your bottom will get wet when sitting in. Remember to bring clothes for changing. You can get change or take a shower at the shop where you check in.

5. Remember to wear slippers, not leather but plastic ones because sea water is salty and erosive. My leather slippers were totally ruined after kayaking.

6. Remember to wear trouser if you don’t want to get sunburn and have your skin peeled. Your whole legs will be directly exposed to the sun, not covered by any shadow at all.

The picture below was taken by my friend, and you can see how strong the sun was by looking at that masked guy in the front.

Ha ha ha, I laughed so hard when I saw the picture! But as soon as we started kayaking, the guy felt dizzy right away.

And check out what people were wearing in this picture, so you know if you don’t wrap yourself up well, you’ll be so tanned that your own mother wouldn’t even recognize you.

Ha ha ha! Everyone looks so funny. Kayaking is so much fun! I miss it so much! 

I recommend mango smoothie in this shop, it’s super yummy!

The mango was grown by the owner’s father and you can only get the drink when it’s mango season.


How to plan two days mini trip?

Day1 Take HSR from Taipei to Kaohsiung Zuoying station, then transfer to Donggang from there. You can join ‘Three Hours Donggang Delicious Local Food Tour’, minimum 10 people per group. Then find a nice B&B to stay overnight.

Day2 Join ‘July and August summer vacation limited promotion’, Bargain Little Liuqiu ‘return boat tickets + electric scooter rental+ kayak.’

After kayaking, you can loop around Little Liuqiu, visit Vase Rock and other well-known attractions. Then you can get ready to return to Donggang, and continue to take HSR home.

The website of Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package offers various types of great deals. You can get the cheapest ‘Little Liuqiu return boat tickets + electric scooter rental’. And either you want to try windsurfing or kayaking, or want to try delicious local food that nobody knows about, there will be package deals available for 20% to 40% off. It can even go up to 50% off if you’re traveling with group 4 or more. There are a wide range of packages combining transportation, food and attractions. I guarantee that you won’t find anything cheaper. It’s the only exclusive tour packages in Taiwan!

Additional offer

Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package website has launched limited package deals for people who want to go to Little Liuqiu during summer vacation! It makes me want to go again, and this time I’ll make sure to have a picture taken with sea turtles.

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