201703280851iLogic CAD/Viewer V1.1.28 & Add Tester -- Under developing

Hello World !!

    I am developing for release 28th step, iLogic CAD/Viewer V1.1.28,  this way I currently create news listed below:

  • Map Connection:  Connection not only for Layer, we add diagram connective (MapConnect). When you need shortcut to connect, you could use new functionalities. 
  • Refine the <Find Rectangle of Diagram> and debug,  When There is no object make it find Rectangle of Diagram. 
  • Add program for Tester 
    There also include TEPMWComponent, and some middleware's projects in InstallShield. There may be interesting of middleware project while use iLogic.  When you use Middleware, do not forget add label to About form, for safety and for security. 
    Have nice day and work friendly with iLogic ,that are our Innovation and Creative Projects. Our tools and Service that good job to you.
Ivan Perng in HsinChu.



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Everything would be Logical.

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