201703140851twicss iLogic in About Form.

Hello World !!

    twicss iLogic in About Form under iLogic CAD/Viewer.  EP iLogic CAD of  <EP>  you can determinate to be together after Registeration.  4+.4+.X — 0.4+.X  the definition of version for manufactory.  When you have any Product Identification and need special functionality ,  please mail to us and tell us your specific yield.  I will consider of this situation to release for your organization or for your company.

    Currently we released  0.1 /  1.1  /  0.2 version. We did not release  2.0 / 0.3 / 3.3 version in Internet, just internal use only.  twicss iLogic shall keep going on way to factory version for you requirement.  0.2 / 2.0 / 0.3 / 3.3  all of them are twicss iLogic software , our service and our tools will make you job simple. 

    I also noted to Autodesk  and  wrote that <EP>  you define it ,  <Inverter iLogic> status is also same to twicss iLogic, Trade mark & service tools will be continue.  Now twicss iLogic is on the way to make advertisements.

Thanks of your attention and watch the step to me !!

Ivan Perng in HsinChu


EP iLogic CAD 部落格

Everything would be Logical.

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